Dregling Merchant
dregling merchant


Tendency Events

  • None



HP Souls
400 16

Vendor Information

World 1-1


Item Cost
Wooden Bolt 10


Item Cost
Crescent Moon Grass 150
Half Moon Grass 400
Soldiers Lotus 200
Fire Bomb 500


Item Cost
Long Sword 1500
Club 500
Short Spear 1500
Light Crossbow 2000
Wooden Shield 500
Soldiers's Shield 1000
Slave's Shield 200


Item Cost
Plate Helmet 1000
Coat of Plate 1500
Plate Gauntlet 1200
Plate Leggings 1200

Note: The Brushwood set is only available if Biorr survives the fight with the Blue Dragon and leaves the world by himself.


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