Colorless Demon's Soul


In Game Description

The Soul of a Primeval Demon.
You don't feel any power from it…

Grants the holder a large number of Souls when
used. Alternatively, it can be made into spells,
miracles, or weapons.

General Information

  • The primary use of Colorless Demon Souls is as an upgrade material. See below.
  • Three can be traded with Saint Urbain to obtain the Recovery Miracle. You must have killed one Primeval Demon in the current playtrough
  • When consumed 5000 Souls are obtained

Availability (max 10 per game)

  • Five by killing Primeval Demons. There is one in each realm, and it is not a guaranteed drop ( Luck, and Large Sword of Searching helps!). Each only appears until it is killed once. Additionally, the Primeval Demons only spawn in near black or pure black world tendency.
  • One is in 1-1 near Miralda, the Executioner. Requires Pure White or Pure Black World Tendency to access this area. It is on a dead body hanging on a beam in the tower stairwell where you fight Miralda. You must walk on a beam and carefully drop down into a gap to reach it. Second Chance will not save you if you fall to the bottom. Once you retrieve it, it is possible to drop to the bottom safely without dying. Just walk back along the beam to the spot you landed, and from there jump down to a slightly offset crossbeam below, and from there to the bottom landing where there is a ladder back to the top.

See also

Colorless Demon Soul farming.


Colorless Demon Souls can be traded with Blacksmith Ed to obtain an upgrade.

Unlike other Demon's Soul upgrades, where the weapon must usually be at least +7, these weapons can only be upgraded with Colorless Demon's Souls. This means the only requirement is having the weapon you want to upgrade. i.e. Baby's Nail + Colorless Demon's Soul = Baby's Nail +1

Confirmed Weapons

Adjudicator's Shield
Baby's Nail
Dark Silver Shield
Dragon Bone Smasher
Epee Rapier
Geri's Stiletto
Hands of God
Kris Blade
Large Brushwood Shield
Large Sword of Moonlight
Magic Sword "Makoto"
Penetrating Sword
Phosphorescent Pole
Rune Shield
Rune Sword
Tower Shield
White Bow

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