Ed's Grindstone
eds grindstone on hand
grinding an uchigatana


In-Game Descripton

A sharpening stone used by Ed, the blacksmith of Stonefang.
Reduces the wear on the right-hand weapon and restores its durability.

Weight: 0.3


When used on a right hand weapon, it completely repairs the durability (even shields).


Location Cost Amount Comment
Nexus 2000 unlimited Sold by Blacksmith Boldwin
1-2 drop usually
dropped by stronger enemies (Blue Eye Knight for instance)
2-1 treasure 2 In corner, opposite end of the walkway with gate-lever, before the first fog-gate
2-1 treasure 2 Around the corner, at the end of the walkway, by the second pack of dogs
2-1, 2-2 2000 unlimited Sold by Filthy Man
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