Temporary Weapon Enchantment

Types of Enchantment

These are the different ways to temporarily enchant a weapon for additional damage:

Enchantment Details Duration
Sticky White Stuff Adds 110 Magic damage 60 seconds
Turpentine Adds 80 Fire damage 60 seconds
Black Turpentine Adds 150 Fire damage 30 seconds
Enchant Weapon Adds Magic damage (scales with Magic stat) 60 seconds
Light Weapon Adds strong Magic damage (scales with Magic stat) 60 seconds
Cursed Weapon Adds 50% to weapon Physical damage 60 seconds

Weapons that can be Enchanted

The rules for which weapons can be enchanted are the same for all types of enchantment. So, for example, there is no weapon which can be enchanted with Turpentine but can not be enchanted with Light Weapon. The Meat Cleaver, Blueblood Sword and Geri's Stiletto are the only weapons in the game that can deal all three types of damage simultaneously (cut, magic and fire), when buffed with either Turpentine or Black Turpentine.

Can be enchanted Can NOT be enchanted
Hardstone upgraded Tearing (Suckerstone)
Sharpstone upgraded Fatal (Marrowstone) (Pulpstone)
Quality (Clearstone) Dragon (Dragonstone)
Crushing (Greystone) Moon (Moonlightstone)
Sharp (Bladestone) Crescent (Darkmoonstone)
Blessed (Faintstone)
Mercury (Mercurystone)
Great Club
Catalysts and Talismans
Meat Cleaver Rune Sword
Dragon Bone Smasher Large Sword of Moonlight
Blueblood Sword Demonbrandt
Hiltless (Gripless) Soulbrandt
Geri's Stiletto Northern Regalia
Dozer Axe Istarelle
Bramd (Brand) Phosphorescent Pole
Penetrating Sword Needle of Eternal Agony
Broken Sword Blind
Secret Dagger Hands of God
Epee Rapier
Magic Sword "Makoto"
Kris Blade (Kris Knife)
Baby's Nail
Morion Blade
Large Sword of Searching
Scraping Spear
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