Filthy Woman
filthy woman

Found in:

Tendency Events:

  • None


  • She is the only vendor that sells rotten arrows
  • She is the only vendor that sells black turpentine
  • Avoid attracting a Giant Goblin near her, as it will attack her even though your character is far from the Giant Goblin.
  • Also avoid bringing a depraved shaman near her, as the poison cloud he casts will kill her.
  • Note on Stone of Ephemeral Eyes
    • The actual price varies1, it scales in accordance with the players Soul Level; higher equals more expensive.
    • She will only have it listed when the player is in Soul Form, and only one available at a time.
    • It will respawn after the player dies while in Body Form (in any of the worlds or in the Nexus).

Vendor Information

World 5-1, above the Rats and below the first Giant Ticks.


Item Cost
Rotten Arrow 400


Item Cost
Late Moon Grass 1000
Full Moon Grass 2000
Royal Lotus 1000
Widow's Lotus 2000
Black Turpentine 1500


Item Cost
Mace 3000
Halberd 5000
War Pick 4000
Talisman of God 5000


Item Cost
Chain Helmet 2000
Chain Mail 4000
Chain Gloves 3000
Hard Leather Boots 3000


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