Fire Lizard
fire lizard

General Information

These peculiar reptiles dwell on the walls of Stonefang Tunnel. Their own body, imbibed in flames, is the defense mechanism against any predator.

Ambush their preys in group in the confined spaces they inhabit.



World 2-1
HP Souls Normal Def. Slash Def. Blunt Def. Pierce Def. Magic Def. Fire Def. Poison Res. Plague Res. Bleed Res.
149 51 80 80 80 80 16 606 500 500 500


World 2-1
Meltstone x1 (0,9%)

Attack Patterns

  • Will cause Fire damage upon contact.
  • Lunging attack: stretch themselves like a sling and fly forward a bit.


Usually they are sticking on walls and not moving. But if you have a wide area, you can easily sidestep their lunging attack. Sometimes they'll end up on their back after a lunge, completely helpless. Just smack them with melee attacks when this happens until they die.

Soul Arrow and Soul Ray are particularily effective against this enemy.

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