Fire Spray
fire spray

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In-Game Description

Spell from the Demon Armor Spider's Soul
Shoots a small fireball. Can be fired continually and while moving.

General Information

Spell Type MP Cost Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Ranged Damage Spell 2 n/a 1 Magic Slot Sage Freke Hard Demon's Soul


  • Shoots a small fireball.
  • Medium-ranged, about half the range of Soul Arrow.
  • Travels quickly.
  • Can be fired continuously (hold R1 or L1) and while jogging at a little more than twice the rate of normal spells.
  • Does not cause enemies to stagger (they can still use items and move normally).
  • Slightly faster and more MP efficient than Soul Arrow for destroying the obstacles in 2-3. (36 MP vs. 40 MP).

Fire Spray deals low damage compared to other spells, and while it can take much longer to do so, is often more MP-efficient in killing enemies than Soul Ray or Fireball. The exception would be enemies with resistance to fire. This spell is mostly directed towards PvE, but is sometimes useful in PvP because its high rate of fire and travel speed make it difficult to dodge consistently. Characters with high Magic can deal respectable damage if several shots connect, but the fact that opponents can use healing items uninterrupted makes Fire Spray difficult to kill with. It is particularly effective against the mosquitoes in 5-2.

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