Great balls of fire

fireball icon

In-Game Description

Shoots a ball of fire and generates an explosion.
Born from dragon bones soaked in lava, this Demon was the embodiment of the power inherent in the colossal flames.

General Information

Spell Type MP Cost Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Ranged Damage Spell 20 N/A 2 Magic Slots Sage Freke Dragon Demon's Soul


  • Launches a large ball of flame.
  • Deals higher damage than Flame Toss and Soul Ray.
  • Moderate splash that deals full damage.
  • Medium-range, about half of (Soul Arrow).
  • Causes enemies to stagger.
  • Similar to Armor Spider's fireball attack.
  • Good choice for Shrine of Storms to stop the Silver Skeleton rolling attack.
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