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Read this first.
315by StoogeStooge
23 May 2010 14:57Jump!
28311by frans234frans234
08 Nov 2021 13:59Jump!
Please provide any forum or site feedback and suggestions here.
40209by StoogeStooge
23 May 2010 15:00Jump!
Got a question? Ask away!
2341251by MeMcDeeMeMcDee
23 May 2010 22:25Jump!
For the things that don't fit well anywhere else.
80661by z00orleanzz00orleanz
24 May 2010 21:25Jump!
Stuff **NOT** related to Demon's souls.
42401by AngelonedgeAngelonedge
23 May 2010 22:20Jump!
This category holds per-page comment threads
978914901by besttransfer321456besttransfer321456
12 Aug 2022 16:37Jump!
Some of these (especially character build ones) have gotten too long and are causing load problems.
1293by Nick1NintendoNick1Nintendo
20 Aug 2010 15:13Jump!
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For those who love to kick the hell out of others.
1742313by Lightning_Count-Lightning_Count-
01 Jan 2011 00:57Jump!
General online information and questions.
128971by IlkarIlkar
24 May 2010 20:22Jump!
A place to organize trading sessions with your fellow players.
3201391by Feed4uFeed4u
24 May 2010 02:53Jump!
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How to beat the big boys and other discussions.
52591by DivineNDivineN
24 May 2010 13:04Jump!
How to survive enemies. And maybe kill them. Maybe.
19200by StoogeStooge
23 May 2010 15:08Jump!
Anything to do with the denizens of Boletaria
58364by StoogeStooge
23 May 2010 15:09Jump!
Character Discussions
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Pointy and sharp things that make bad guys bleed.
1281092by CirdaCirda
24 May 2010 19:28Jump!
Those things you are supposed to use so you don't get your head caved in.
32299by IlkarIlkar
24 May 2010 20:08Jump!
Discussion on character builds, gear optimisation, etc.
88697by ZelisiusZelisius
23 May 2010 16:26Jump!
Stones, Keys, Grasses, Potions, all that sort of stuff.
29217by StoogeStooge
23 May 2010 15:11Jump!
Do you believe in magic ...
41284by StoogeStooge
23 May 2010 15:12Jump!
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Everyone's favorite banking and shopping center.
1099by LordDraco3LordDraco3
23 May 2010 20:15Jump!
12110by StoogeStooge
23 May 2010 15:13Jump!
956by CirdaCirda
24 May 2010 02:25Jump!
9106by StoogeStooge
23 May 2010 15:16Jump!
1182by StoogeStooge
23 May 2010 15:24Jump!
9115by StoogeStooge
23 May 2010 15:30Jump!

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