Sage Freke, the Visionary
sage freke

A renowned Magician, known as the Visionary. He is familiar with the workings of Souls, and has organized his findings in a scholarly manner. He is the sage of Yormedaar, and entered Boletaria by himself, though he is past middle age. It's said that he was once a high-ranking priest, but the details are murky. He is friend with Geri, a man known for his magical craftwork.


Tendency Events



HP Souls Drop
719 770 Ring of Magical Sharpness
Venerable Sage's Hood
Venerable Sage's Robe
Venerable Sage's Gloves
Venerable Sage's Boots
Baby's Nail
Vitality Intelligence Endurance Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Luck
17 40 20 14 5 38 7 7


Right Hand 1 Right Hand 2 Left Hand Ring Spells
Wooden Catalyst Baby's Nail Geri's Stiletto Ring of Magical Sharpness Soul Ray
Homing Soul Arrow
Poison Cloud
Helmet Armor Gauntlets Leggings
Venerable Sage's Hood Venerable Sage's Robe Venerable Sage's Gloves Venerable Sage's Boots

Magic Spells Taught

Magic Spell Cost
Soul Arrow 1000
Homing Soul Arrow Yellow Demon's Soul
Soul Ray Doll Demon's Soul
Flame Toss 1000
Fire Spray Hard Demon's Soul
Fireball Dragon Demon's Soul
Protection 5000
Warding Iron Demon's Soul
Death Cloud Pureblood Demon's Soul
Poison Cloud Wriggling Demon's Soul
Acid Cloud Eroded Demon's Soul
Enchant Weapon 5000
Light Weapon Silver Demon's Soul
Demon's Prank 500
Water Veil 500
Cloak 500


Sage Freke is rather easy to fight due to his predictable attack patterns. When hostile, he will first cast Warding, then slowly walk towards the player, casting Soul Ray repeatedly, which can be a threat with low Magic defense, but generally takes a few hits to do significant damage and is easy to dodge regardless. Eventually Freke will switch to Poison Cloud, and keep using it until the player is poisoned: if cured, Freke usually won't attempt to infect the player again.

At long range Freke may cast Homing Soul Arrow and start approaching the player: this Spell has the potential to one-shot players if all five orbs connect.

Though he may take extended breaks from casting Spells and attempt to fight melee with the Baby's Nail, Freke never runs out of MP.

A solid strategy is to ambush Freke with either God's Wrath or Firestorm, since, unlike Yuria, he's slow to react to a surprise attack, and, if given the opportunity, will cast Warding rather than an offensive Spell.

He can be made completely harmless by simply casting Anti-Magic Field before starting the fight as this will prevent Freke from using any of his Spells.

Sage Freke can be killed in one attack with Soulsucker.

If the player infects Freke with Poison Cloud or Death Cloud, he will eventually die without ever becoming hostile.


  • Since Mephistopheles only hands out her reward when both Sage Freke and his Apprentice are dead, the latter can be killed to darken Character Tendency without the risk of missing on the quest item, as Freke won't become hostile when his Apprentice is harmed.
  • Killing both Yuria and Sage Freke will make it impossible to learn or memorize different Magic Spells for the rest of the playthrough, since Freke's Apprentice will turn hostile as soon as his master is harmed.


  • The names Geri and Freke could be adopted from norse mythology: Odin was flanked on his throne by a pair of wolves named Geri and Freki.


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Voiced by: Mike Harbour
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