Sage Freke, the Visionary
sage freke
Sage Freke

Sage Freke is a powerful Magician who has devoted his life to studying the Soul Arts: dark Magic born from the Old One’s presence. Freke has a long-standing friendship with Geri, who crafted much of his equipment, including Geri's Stiletto and the Ring of Magical Sharpness. He also has a long-standing rivalry with Saint Urbain, due to his assertion that the "God" Urbain and his followers worship is actually a romanticized depiction of the Old One.

Freke is one of the two advanced Magic teachers.

Found in:

  • World 3-1 (Tower of Latria) - Locked in a cell.
  • Nexus (Unlockable) - After you free him from his cell in 3-1. To unlock him:
    • Get the Special Key from the top of the tower located right before the 3-1 Boss' area. It hangs on the wall behind the Prisoner you must kill to defeat the boss.
    • Return to Freke's cell and unlock it.
    • Talk to him; you will receive Geri's Stiletto.
    • When you return to the Nexus, he will appear near his apprentice.

Tendency Events:

  • None


Spells Taught:

Strategies for Fighting


- Soul Ray
- Homing Soul Arrow
- Poison Cloud
- Warding

- One-handed Baby's Nail.

Sage Freke is rather easy to fight due to his predictable attack patterns and tendency to use up MP quickly. When hostile, he will first cast Warding, then slowly walk towards you, casting Soul Ray repeatedly. Soul Ray can be a threat if you have low Magic defense, but generally takes a few hits to do significant damage and is easy to dodge regardless. Eventually Freke will switch to Poison Cloud, and keep using it until you are poisoned. If you cure the poisoning, Freke usually won't attempt to infect you again.

If you move out of sight but stay locked on to Freke, he will cast Homing Soul Arrow and follow you. Be wary of this Spell; it has the potential to one-shot players if all five orbs connect. If you move out of Freke's sight and aren't locked on, he will likely cast Homing Soul Arrow anyway, but there's a chance he will re-cast Warding instead.

Though he may take extended breaks from casting Spells and attempt to melee you with the Baby's Nail, Freke never truly runs out of MP. He will appear to run out of MP, stop casting Spells for a time, then resume casting anywhere from ten to thirty seconds later. However, he won't cast as many as when he first became hostile.

  • A solid strategy is to ambush Freke with either God's Wrath or Firestorm, if you have them. Unlike Yuria, Freke is slow to react to a surprise attack, and if given the opportunity will cast Warding rather than an offensive spell.
  • Sage Freke can be killed in one attack with Soulsucker.
  • If the player infects Freke with Poison Cloud or Death Cloud, he will eventually die without ever becoming hostile.

Additional Character Information

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Sage Freke
A renowned Magician, known as the Visionary. He is familiar with the workings of Souls, and has organized his findings in a scholarly manner. He is the sage of Yormedaar, and entered Boletaria by himself, though he is past middle age. It's said that he was once a high-ranking priest, but the details are murky. He is friends with Geri, a man known for his magical craftwork.

The names Geri and Freke could be adopted from Norse Mythology. Odin was flanked on his throne by a pair of wolves named Geri and Freki.


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