Game Patches

These game patches apply to the Asian version only.

NA and EU versions are already patched on the disc.

Unpatched offline mode

  • You can delete the online patch if you have downloaded it
  • Suiciding in soul mode, in the world you want to darken will shift that World Tendency towards black
  • Return to Nexus to update the World Tendency after suiciding
  • You may need to suicide in that world a few times before returning to Nexus

Version 1.02

  • Meat Cleaver Damage is reduced:
    • Before
      • S/S/-/S
      • Max Damage at Str 99, Dex 99, Faith 99
      • Physical Attack 90 +405, Magical Attack 90 +135
    • After
      • S/S/-/A
      • Max Damage at Str 99, Dex 99, Faith 99
      • Physical Attack 90 +306, Magical Attack 90 +98
  • The Giant Trolls in 5-1 and 5-2, and Plague Babies in 5-3 drop Stone of Ephemeral Eyes
  • Moderation in matchmaking for high level players
  • Changes to player invasion at specific levels
  • Acid Cloud changes:
    • Range is more narrow
    • Damage is capped at 100
  • World Tendency Changes:
    • Suiciding as an invading Black Phantom doesn't seem to shift world tendency
    • Defeating Boss in a world seemed to have an increase effect toward white
    • Defeating Black Phantom NPC have a greater effect
    • Defeating Primeval Demon have a greater effect
    • Towards Black Tendency, die in human form

Version 1.03

  • Bug causing games to not properly saved (fixed)
  • Bug causing unlimited proliferation of items (fixed)
  • Bug causing partial status abnormalities to not be saved properly (fixed)
  • Bug causing rankings for certain parameters to not be properly displayed (fixed)
  • Bug effecting the speed of special effects of weapons when spec. effect weapons switched back and forth (fixed)
  • Bug causing unlimited proliferation of souls (fixed)
  • You can now quickly buy large amounts of items from vendors by keeping the D-Pad pressed.
  • Character and world shadows added.
  • If the time approaches the start time, please go to a safe place and select System -> Quit Game to exit. (What?)

Version 1.04

Shortly after Patch 1.03 was released, players received the following message when logging into the game:

"Since the implementation of the program update (Ver. 1.03) on 6/22 (Mon), we have confirmed the following operational technical difficulties.

  • MP is not recovered when an attack hit is landed using -Geri's Stiletto-
  • HP is not recovered when an attack hit is landed using -Meat Cleaver-
  • Cannot invade using -Redeye Stone- while in physical body
  • Attack Power Up from -Morion Blade-/-Clever Rat's Ring- does not work on bows
  • Players sometimes break into different areas/blocks from host
  • Message evaluation scores are sometimes displayed incorrectly
  • Messages are sometimes not properly deleted

We plan to correct these bugs with an online update in the near future. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

Presumably, Patch 1.04 fixed the bugs caused by Patch 1.03.

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