General play

Warning: the information is just tips based on my personal experiences and you are welcome to make any changes to your character. In no way are you required to have these exact stats to enjoy the game properly.

Build summary

This is not really a build but more like guidelines of stats

Recommended starting class


Recommended soul level

Again Anything (you don't have to follow this exactly only guidelines)

(** if leave at default)

Stats Level
Vitality 40<
Intelligence 40<
Endurance 40
Strength 30
Dexterity 24
Magic 40<
Faith 18
luck **

Explenation of stats

  1. Vitality - Ok so vitality is awesome to have for both PvPers and people in their own worlds. For Pvpers it raises health and for everyone else it also raises how much you can carry, but for pvpers you don't want to increase vitality over 40-50 due to the fact that its really not worth it at that point and having 40-50 is a comfortable spot to be. It cost too much and it might yes might help you survive one more attack but also raises your soul level so your facing harder and fewer players. But if you do not plan on doing any pvp you can raise it as high as you want not for the health but for the extra room for items
  2. Intelligence - Mmmmkay Intelligence, a mage's best friend, the reason i recommend 40 is for the spell slots at 6 slots your combinations are endless but going too much farther than 40-50 will have the same effect as vitality on health it wont really be worth raising your soul level for unless you spam spells like crazy you should be ok (thats why my intelligence is 99 i always miss Q_Q).
  3. Endurance - This one is pretty simple 40 is the max amount of stamina you can have you cant go any higher. Endurance also affects how much you can wear and you wont need too raise it much more unless you wear heavy armor and wan to be able to move around a lot.
  4. Strength - Ok this is pretty intense this is all based on how you want to play. for you mages you wont need strength leave it at default. For you weapon fans this can get tricky you want to raise strength enough to wield your weapon as well as enough to do the amount of damage you want, so it really all depends on the weapon you want. I chose 30 on their because its the minimum requirements for a lot of weapons one handed, such as my favorite the Dragon Bone Smasher (but i end up two handing for extra damage anyways, in which case it only requires 18 strength). After you get to higher strength levels the damage you do increases slower so again like vitality it increases your SL (soul level) too much for it to be effective around 40.
  5. Dexterity- Again tricky and depends on your play style. For those few who use bows dexterity is important because it raises bow damage. Those who are trying to be ninjas Dexterity is also important do to the fact that it raises damage of "ninja-like" weapons. Mages its up to you if you want to add anything into this category it probably wont help you much, and physical people it depends on your choice of weapons.
  6. Magic- Put it as high as you can spare for Mages but again after 50 or so it starts to increase slower raising your SL, many recommend taking points out of other stats to put into magic, such as vitality(for the bold). For the spell Homing Soul Arrow you get all 5 glowing orbs at
  7. SL 31 so it is useful to get Magic up to that point to use that succesfully.
  8. Faith - Not much to say hereā€¦ unless your using a faith build this isn't really useful. Get it to 18 just so you can use the ToB(talisman of beasts) to cast Second Chance and move on to spells.
  9. Luck - Last and least Luck really serves no purpose in pvp besides raising your soul level and no one really wants that, so just leave at default. If you do not want pvp you can raise this but it does not help out as much as you'd like to think it is probably the most useless stat in the game. Unless your trying to get to SL 712 i wouldn't put anything in luck

Additional notes

Most PvPers like to stay around SL 120 so for new pvpers thats where you will find the most competition (but this is susceptible to change)

For more information on the Stats go to the Stats page.

Again this is based on my personal experiences, and you don't have to follow my guidelines at all do whatever you want but more importantly have fun playing the game~~and kick some black phantom ass

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