Giant Tick
a giant tick

General Information

Item Value
Location Valley of Defilement: 5-1
Description Resembles a big red balloon until popped
Souls1 White: ?? Neutral: 31 Black: ??
HP2 White: ?? Neutral: 178 Black: ??
Attack None None
Special Attack Poison Spray Sprays poisonous liquid when popped
Weak to All damage types

Attack Patterns

Their only real attack is the chance of poisoning if you puncture their sack. When they start to hop, they are harmless.


Hit them from a short distance away with a long weapon or ranged attack and pop their sack, they shrink in size and feebly try to hop away from you. Take them down and collect your prize.

Item Drops

Enemy Variety Item Drops
All Shard of Marrowstone (Pulpstone)
Chunk of Marrowstone (Pulpstone) (rare)
Pure Marrowstone (Pulpstone) (very rare)
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