Gold Skeleton
Gold Skeleton

General Information

Item Value
Location Shrine of Storms: 4-1, 4-2
Description Big Skeleton wielding a massive cleaver
Souls1 White: ?? Neutral: 614-1944 Black: 16756-??
HP2 White: ?? Neutral: 347-539 Black: ??
Attack Melee Physical
Special Attack None None
Weak to Magic

Attack Patterns

  • Horizontal slashes.
  • Overhead chop.
  • 2-handed horisontal slashes.
  • 2-handed heavy overhead chop. Short wind-up.


General strategy

These guys carry massive two-handed cleavers. While they are slower and don't roll around, they advance with the cleaver up to block 50% of incoming damage. Due to the size of their weapons, they aren't stunned by most attacks. They also dish out a lot of damage and use simple combos that can quickly kill you. Whenever possible, try to lure these guys out for a 1 on 1 fight. Trying to fight two at once can be extremely difficult.

Note that Sticky White Stuff makes your weapon extremly potent against any gold-armoured enemies. A blunt weapon with Sticky White Stuff on it (or Enchant Weapon) with make short work of these guys. Approach slowly and let him begin his massive swing at you. Dodge it, then smash him a couple of times. If possible get behind him for another hit. Alternatively, you can strike with a heavy attack just as he lets his guard down to attack you and then get in a single quick attack immediately after, then back away until he brings his guard back up and repeat.

They're actually really easy one to one if you have a weapon with knockdown and a decent shield with a high hit resistance. Simply let them strike your shield when doing their basic diagonal slashes and they'll rebound after one hit. Simply knock them down with a strike from your weapon, and follow up with another before they can get to their feet.

Ripostes and Backstabs aren't recommended. Timing is very difficult, and trying to get behind them is virtually impossible without Soul Remains, on account of their large horizontal attacks, and their only locations being near cliffsides, and/ or with a Golden Skeleton friend.

For magic users Soul Arrow does good amount of damage (even in New Game+), but they are immune to Death Cloud.

Trivia: This is the guy in the opening cinematic who shows up after the knight has been fighting the Slave Soldiers.

4-1 ranged strategy

In 4-1, there are 3 golden skeletons, one after the other, on the cliff near the end of the level.

It is possible to lure them all back to the place where you dropped down to the cliff, right after the narrow path behind the castle wall.

You can then climb back up in the direction of the narrow path, hopping up three ledges, and the golden skeletons can't follow you up there. From this position, you can easily kill them with magic or arrows, without ever even coming close to them or their cleaver.

Cliff Strategy

This makes quick work of them, but gets rid of their loot. Just equip a weapon that has a push move (such as a spear), and simply shove them off the cliff. Watch out for the Storm Beasts as they like to shoot you while you're dealing with the skeletons.

Hit and Run! Strategy

Essentially if you wear the Thief's Ring, it makes you undetectable in the fight against these three, so it is recommended. You approach them from behind and hit them with an arrow, they will come towards you but about half way to the cliff drop off mentioned above, they will stop and turn around, making them easy targets. This works well on the second and third skeleton, but it works pretty good on the first one too. he's just less likely to turn around and walk away though.

Item Drops

Enemy Variety Item Drops
All Soul Remains
Shard of Bladestone
Chunk of Bladestone (rare)
Kilij (rare)
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