Graverobber's Ring


In Game Description

An ancient topaz ring. It subdues your Soul, making it difficult to be detected by Black Phantoms.


  • It becomes harder for Black Phantoms (NPC or invading players) to detect you.
  • It halves the distance of the Black Phantoms aggro radius when equipped. (PvE)


  • 4-1 After passing through the second fog gate, climb the stairs and follow the ledge around to the beam that leads to a small ledge on the opposite side.
  • Dropped by Graverobber Blige.


  • Status1: Hide from Phantoms

PvP use

Many items will make you visible through stealth when used for PvP. If you wear an item that makes a symbol show up under the Endurance Bar (apart from the fog symbol from the Graverobber's Ring), chances are you can still be seen by Black Phantom invaders. Your body will still be hidden, but will instead appear as a moving light or an aura.

See the Stealth page for a comprehensive list of stealth-breaking items and spells.

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