Hawu Test

What this build is about?

Well, some may think bows are useless in PvP, others think "Bows are only good with hyper mode active" (but, what weapon is not good with hyper mode active?, you can count on your fingers ~needle of eternal agony~, etc), but this guide is about to change your mind! (at least, that's the idea, if it will happen.. it's another history)

So, I will show you that you CAN use bows as primary weapon while killing some blues, "hosts", black phantoms :)
and more important than this, you don't need to rely only on your hyper-mode, YES you can fight without it, and WIN! :D

Requirements (other than equipments, armors, rings, etc)

  1. Open Mind, that's the most important requirement i can think off
    • Creativity
    • Desire to try new tactics
  2. Can or understand how to evade EVERY weapon attack, or spell, etc
    • Good timing
    • Not a must, BUT helps a lot, know the "whens" (will explain later)

If you just understand how to evade some weapons, don't worry, the hardest you learned already :) you just need more practice.

For now, thats all requirements i remember

  • Every shot is calculated! so, you will feel good when score a hit :P
  • Good damage, not the best, still strong (i'm talking about 400's/hit (no hyper)
  • 90% of the time you will have more stamina than your opponent, which means: you are not going to get hit, unless you want to :)
  • Your fights tend to be long, depending on how much grass you/your opponent use (or if he is using hp regen stuff)
  • It's not easy to prevent your opponent from eating grass and other consumables
  • Shields, are your nightmare from now on.
  • Firespray is your enemy! (but i guess thats for everyone that don't like/use shields, right ?)

Strategies will be added soon :)

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