Hints and Tips

Armor Tips

Pure Warrior
For this "Class" it is best with either Brushwood or Dark Silver armor,with either Dark Silver Shield +2 (Atleast) or Tower Shield and Eternal Warrior's Ring as well as Ring of Great Strength .

Pure Mage
Well for this "Class" I would say a breastplate of any light armor for example Chainmail or Leather,and some cloth pants, gloves and Venerable Sage`s Hood for a cool look and good protection and Fragrant Ring and Magical Nature. You will also have no use of a shield

Pure Stealth
For this "Class" you will have only clothing,but I will recommend full Black Armor and Venerable Sage`s Hood with Thief`s Ring and Graverobber`s Ring.

Weapon Tips

Boss Killing and strong Enemies
For this I would use either a Dragon Bone Smasher (DBS) or a Morion Blade (Both two handed)

Horde Attacks
For this it is best with two Hitless blades and atleast have one of them a little upgraded.

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