hunter starting class

In Game Description

A specialist at outdoor activities. Their specialty is making long rang sniping attacks with a long bow. They are also equipped with leather armor and a battle axe, so they are well balanced overall.

Starting Stats

Vitality Intelligence Endurance Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Luck Soul
vitality icon 12 intelligence icon 10 endurance icon 13 strength icon 11 dexterity icon 12 magic icon 8 faith icon 8 luck icon 12 6

General Information

  • Consider this class as an alternative to the Soldier, with some Melee skill lost in return for ranged capabilities.
  • The Battle Axe has a very basic move-set with some attacks dealing extra damage for a direct hit.
  • The Long Bow can be aimed carefully with L1, which makes it easy to thin out enemies from afar or draw them forward one at a time.
  • Moderate Dexterity and Strength allow the use of some weapons found early in the game.
  • This is a good class for beginners looking to get used to the game, with some focus diverted to ranged attack rather than complete melee, as with the Soldier.
  • Starting class chosen for speed runs, due to Long Bow and Battle Axe.
  • Cost to acquire the starting equipment and consumables included: 11,600 souls.

Starting equipment

weapon shield armor ammo spell consumables
Long Bow
Battle Axe
Leather Shield Leather Cap
Leather Armor
Leather Gloves
Leather Boots
Arrows x50 n/a Crescent Moon Grass x10

Augite of Guidance x10
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