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In-Game Description

Spell from the Demon Armor Spider's Soul
Generates a large flame from the user's fingers.
An extremely rudimentary type of fire magic.

General Information

Spell Type MP Cost Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Melee Range Damage Spell 18 n/a 2 Magic Slots Yuria, the Witch Hard Demon's Soul



  • Highest-damaging Fire spell (excluding Firestorm); 30% more powerful than Fireball.
  • Limited range (1-2 steps in front of the caster).
  • Cast is almost instantaneous; roughly the same speed of most faster weapon swings.
  • Splash deals full damage, and extends one step to either side of the caster.

In PvE

While its relatively high MP cost and short range make it hard to justify for two Spell Slots, Ignite deals incredible fire damage and can easily one-shot most minor enemies in the game. However, Ignite fares poorly against bosses because those weak to fire damage (Phalanx, Dirty Colossus, etc) are difficult and impractical to close with.

In PvP

Ignite is popular in PvP for its speed and power, most notably when used in the stunlock combo Fireball>Ignite, and because it eliminates a Mage's fundamental weakness; close quarters. Standard PvP lag has the effect of both increasing Ignite's range and staggering the enemy, in some cases long enough for a second direct hit if the opponent hesitates.

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