Inconsistencies and Discrepancies

This page is just somewhere to list the discrepancies and inconsistencies in and around the game.


  • Biorr and Vallarfax
    • Ostrava talks about Biorr and Vallarfax: "Vallarfax was lost and Biorr slipped through the fissure, never to be heard from again."
    • But during the game intro we are told: "But Vallarfax of the royal Twin Fangs broke free from the fog and told the world of Boletaria's plight."
    • Biorr is also listed, in the game intro, as one of the mighty warriors who were drawn to the accursed land. So at least he left sometime before the fog came, then reentered, unless Ostrava has them mixed up.
    • Biorr is also wielding a Katana on his loading screen, while in-game he uses the Great Sword.
    • There was previously thought to be a discrepancy regarding Vallarfax's fate. A Ring of Great Strength with the description; "A ring given to King Allant's Twin Fangs" can found under the Blue Dragon's tail, and since Biorr still has his ring, suggests Vallarfax was killed by the dragons at their nest; but, a set of Brushwood armor and shield, presumably what he used, can be found in the Miralda's dungeon. However, further examination of the Brushwood set revealed that it is not, in fact, exclusive to the duo, but was once formerly the traditional armor of the Boletarian royal family, leaving open the possibility that the Brushwood armour in Miralda's pit belonged to someone else. (An alternate possibility is that after Vallarfax's body had fallen or been thrown down into the pit, his body— stripped of armor, but not the ring— was brought to the dragon's nest to be cremated)
  • Long Bow Oolan
    • Ostrava talks about Long Bow Oolan as a man: "The brave tribesman, Long Bow Oolan and his fearsome legions." But the Black Phantom depicting Oolan is actually a woman. (Could just be Ostrava mixing things up again)
  • Lord Rydell
    • Lord Rydell talks about his cell-key: "A retainer to the King once held the key to this cell. That ebony swine with his gluttonous, swaying belly…" Which should be a reference to a Fat Official, but the key is located on a normal corpse.
    • The Clever Rat's Ring, with the inscription "Held by Lord Rydell, known as Little Allant.", is found on a corpse in front of the balista, rather than on Rydell or his corpse. (Could just be looted, but it's also possible that he dropped it where he was defeated)
  • Old King Doran
    • While other NPCs, enemies and bosses get more HP, attack power and souls with each game cycle, Doran will stay unchanged throughout the NG's.
  • Saint Urbain
    • He remains trapped in world 4-2, even though he teaches the Evacuate miracle…


  • While playing the Tutorial level you can not die, not until you enter the Boss Room, until then your health will stop at "1".
  • On the World/Character Tendency menu, a map can be seen in the background. The map shows the Tower of Latria on an island, and Shrine of Storms in-land, while in-game it's the other way around.
  • The level design in World 3 differs from the other worlds, with the inability to go backwards from 3-2 to 3-1. (This is probably done to avoid confusion, because the player returns to the start of the level after unblocking the stairs to the tower, and needs to head back into the level to reach the Boss)
  • After killing Old Hero, you can still see him up on the wall. (This is not an actual inconsistency though, as the Old Hero you fight is in Soul Form, and is not his animated corpse)
  • Speculation: What is commonly known as world 5 (Valley of Defilement), is usually seen as the final world, but the developers intensions was most likely that world 4 (Shrine of Storms) was to be the last. The Monumental lists them in this order the first time you talk to them. The bosses are also listed in this order during the "good ending" credits. But at the overview of the archstones, just before the Monumental talks about them inividually, worlds 4 and 5 are swapped.


  • Soulbrandt and Demonbrandt
    • They should, according to Ostrava, both be in the Mausoleum, but you only find Demonbrandt there. (Not necessarily an inconsistency, Ostrava has been away and the inscription on Soulbrandt mentions since the King returned Soulbrandt "was always in the king's hands")
    • Old King Doran is also wielding the Northern Regalia.
  • Istarelle
    • The inscription says it "Once belonged to the Holy Knight Lizaia", but Patches and Saint Urbain mention the knight "Risaia of Istarel". (This is a mistranslation owing to a L/R and S/Z being interchangeable in English/Japanese translations.)
  • Large Sword of Moonlight
    • The inscription says "Widely known along with the name of the Moonlight Knight Bito", but Patches and Saint Urbain mention "Vito the Moonlight Knight". (Same as above; B/V are also interchangeable in English/Japanese translations.)
  • Hatchet
    • An axe, even smaller than the Battle Axe, can be seen when viewing Bloodstains or Soul Signs while playing online, even though it is not available in-game.


  • There are no class based female corpses in the game. The only unique corpses is Rydell, who carries a broken Phosphorescent Pole which cannot be picked up, and two Filthy Woman corpses next to her location in 5-2.
  • The corpse at the start of 3-3 contains two souls, this is the only corpse in the game with more than one soul. (This is more of a feature than an inconsistency, since it is probably related to the two Maneater's, or the host and snake within the Maneater)


  • The Japanese trailer for the game, shows someone shaking a gate, but the closest thing you see in-game is Lord Rydell banging on his cell door - watch here ~1.33
  • In the intro of the game and in the trailer it shows the Dragon God in an outdoor area and more of a grey color - watch here ~1.47
    In game, the Dragon God is red and in an enclosed mountain. It is interesting to note that the Dragon God also appears in a zone filled with lava when you beat the Vanguard boss of the tutorial. This small, unique area can not be accessed otherwise.
  • In the intro video you can also see a knight in fluted armor fighting Dreglings in the Nexus, Magicians side - watch here ~0.40
  • At the end of the intro, it shows the knight summoning multiple Blue Phantoms, roughly 4-5, whereas in the game you can only summon 2.


  • Some Filthy Woman dialogue from 5-2 seems to have been cut in the Atlus version of the game. The lines: "All the men worship her like she's the Virgin Mary. The same men who would snatch my child away from me!". (Was probably removed because it's a reference to christianity, and not some made up religion like the rest of the game)

Bugs and Glitches

  • If Ostrava dies in 1-1, after Phalanx is killed, a bug MIGHT occur in which he will reappear in the Nexus or 1-2 to be rescued.
  • Biorr will sometimes attack you in 1-4 during Pure Black World Tendency. It is unknown if this is a feature or a bug.
  • After Killing Patches, the Giant Bearbug (patches trap) in 2-2 will respawn, but now facing the opposite way.
  • After killing Urbain, the Uchigatana Black Phantom in 4-2 will respawn infinitely, and Blige's conversation will bug out.
  • After picking up the Makoto in 4-2, it will reappear on top of the stone when the World Tendency drifts away from Pure White. Another one will not be available if pwwt is achieved a second time.
  • If you drop the Crest of Vinland on the ground, before you talk to Selen Vinland, she will still give you the Ring of Devout Prayer. You can then pick the Crest back up and use it on the next playthrough.
  • You can walk off during one of Patches's welcome messages ("no no, don't mention it…"), after the music changes in the Nexus, and he'll continue talking when you move out of range. This will leave you unable to talk to any other NPC in the Nexus until you re-approach Patches, or after a reload/revisit.
  • Grassing or eating a Spice can fail if a NPC is talking, this often happens while fighting Miralda or Garl Vinland. The animation and particle effect will both show, but no item is used and no HP or MP replenished. This bug can also affect blocking etc.
  • Standing in front of a Crossbow Soldier with your bow drawn will make him shoot beside you.
  • The Dregling Merchant, when fought, can be parried but not riposted.
  • When fighting the Disciple of God, he will stop attacking when his health gets down to about 30%.
  • Many enemies will also stop attacking while being inflicted with Plague. They will attack again if they survive the Plague.
  • A common tactic; when facing Maneater, you can shoot through the fog on the left side (and sometimes the right side. i don't know if you have to be in a certain spot or have a certain bow, but sometimes I've shot through it with someone on the left and other times my arrows don't go through.) thus allowing you to kill it and face only one maneater. NOTE: if using the Lava Bow, you might stagger him back enough where your bow will not reach.
  • In 5-2 after you beat the first Giant Depraved One and enter the first fog, you go up on the ramp. about half way up enemies will spawn in a hole in the side to ambush you from behind. if allowed to jump out as planned only about 5 will spawn, but if you kill them with an arrow as they spawn in the hole, before they jump, about 20+ will spawn, allowing you to get a good chunk of souls. This will only happen once
  • Sometimes when you've been poisoned in the 5-2 swamp you will here the sound that you get when your poisoned followed by the sound you get when you cure it with a Royal Lotus even though are aren't using one nor are you actually being cured of the poison. it is unconfirmed what causes this.
  • This may not really be a glitch as it can somewhat be explained how it happens, but sometimes you will randomly give souls (I've seen this happen a lot in 5-2). This is because something is dieing in the world and you are receiving the souls for the kill. How or why something is dieing without you killing anything or seeing anything is what is the possible glitch. Based on the amount of souls you receive, it is possible to tell what died. (in 5-2 it seems like its usually the jellies based on the amount of souls i receive)
  • It is possible, when falling to your death, to fall completely through the map and never hit bottom. You fall through the layers of the map like the ground or water and keep going through a grey area indefinitely. You will eventually die after falling far enough, but it takes a long time. If this happens simply reload your game and it will load you to where you fell off, like it never happened, retaining souls and the level left as it was (enemies dead, fog gone, etc).
    Examples of this are:
      • 4-2 in body form while being invaded - falling of the edge through the sky at the start you never hit ground
      • 3-2 in soul form - falling off where the heart is through the water down below.
        Maybe it's a coincidence that neither are solid ground (sky and water).
        These results have not been duplicated on command.
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