Jade Hair Ornament


In-Game Descripton

A simple jade hair ornament. Could it belong to a poor little girl?

Weight: 0.0


The Jade Hair Ornament can be used to obtain 1 of 2 items:

  1. Regenerator's Ring - A valuable ring that slowly regenerates the HP of the wearer. To obtain this ring, you may trade the ornament to the Crow in 4-1, the starting level of the Shrine of Storms. There are other ways to obtain this ring later in the game, by finding it as treasure in both 4-1 and 5-2, so it is recommended to trade the Ornament for the Ring of Herculean Strength unless you are really desperate to have the Regenerator's Ring early in the game.
  2. Ring of Herculean Strength - This ring will increase your maximum carrying weight by 50%. To obtain this ring, talk to Stockpile Thomas in the Nexus and then leave the conversation, until you have exhausted all his new dialog. Then he will notice the Ornament and ask if you will give it to him as a keepsake of his daughter. If you agree to give it to him, he will give you the ring in return. This is the only way to obtain this ring (other than killing Thomas for it).

    The ring is helpful but isn't an absolute necessity, especially once you receive the Evacuate miracle, which allows instant teleportation to the Nexus to drop off items when you are at capacity. With very careful planning you will not need this ring, but unless you have memorized the whole game in detail, you may find yourself in a situation where you really need extra carrying capacity. For example, in Stonefang Mine with Pure White world tendency, once you obtain the Dragon Bone Smasher from 2-3, you can show it to Scirvir and you'll receive a rare Pure Greystone. Each of these items is about 30 additional weight! Since the ring is only 0.2 lb in weight, there is really no reason not to carry it.


The Jade Hair Ornament is located in Boletarian Palace 1-1. This item is in the left-side tower near the main central portcullis gate at the start of the level. Once you have explored the level, this tower can easily be identified by the horde of dreglings that carry flaming weapons. In contrast, the right-side tower can be identified by the hoplites that reside in it. When you first see the tower, on your initial run through, the lower entrance gate will be closed. To obtain the item, you must proceed through the level, pass the Blue Eye Knight on the top of the wall, and then start down the tower from the top. Part way down, there will be a doorway to a balcony on the outside, where there are the two chains that protrude from the wall. There is a body hanging on the end of each chain below the balcony. If you attack each chain and break them, these bodies will fall to the ground below. You can proceed down the tower killing the remaining dreglings. When you open the gate here you can pick up the notorious Cling Ring. Once you exit the tower you'll be back close to the start of 1-1. You can loot the two bodies which have fallen to the ground, and obtain the following:

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