knight class fully equipped

In Game Description

A knight class of a rather advanced area of southern Boletaria. This is a character that is equipped with hard metal armor and shield, and thus, excels in defense, but because they have low luck, it will be difficult to obtain items.

Starting Stats

Vitality Intelligence Endurance Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Luck Soul
vitality icon 10 intelligence icon 11 endurance icon 11 strength icon 14 dexterity icon 10 magic icon 10 faith icon 11 luck icon 7 4

General Information

  • The Fluted Armor and Kite Shield have rather good weight to defense ratios as far as heavy armors go; if mobility is required, the breastplate and the shield can be removed.
  • The Long Sword wielded in one hand swings wide arcs, ideal for a crowd of enemies. Its heavy attack is a straight thrust with good range; this is nice for narrow places and, uniquely, does piercing damage instead of slashing.
  • The Long Sword wielded in two hands has a dramatic increase in power and actually has 4-hit combos built into it if you vary between light and hard slashes. Said slashes cover both top-to-bottom vertical strikes and sweeping horizontal strikes.
  • The Long Sword, either one or two handed, can do a hilt strike that unbalances even blocking opponents by doing forward+attack
  • The Mail Breaker is quick and complements the Long Sword well if dual-wielded, but more importantly it is a Piercing class weapon, which means it can be used to thrust without having to lower a shield.
  • The Knight has the most balanced stats out of all the classes, numerically, with only Luck below par. This theoretically can allow the player to progress to any type of build typically easily.
  • The Knight is one of the three classes that starts with stats high enough to have 1 Miracle Memory Slot and 1 Spell Memory Slot. The other two classes are Priest and Royalty.
  • The opening CGI cutscene and the box art depicts a male character wearing/using the same starting equipment as a Knight.
  • Cost to acquire the starting equipment and consumables included: 3,700 souls.

Starting equipment

weapon shield armor ammo spell consumables
Long Sword

Mail Breaker
Kite Shield Fluted Helmet
Fluted Armor
Fluted Gauntlet
Fluted Leggings
n/a n/a Crescent Moon Grass x6

Half Moon Grass x4

Royal Lotus x1
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