The Maiden in Black
the maiden in black

A mysterious woman who summoned the hero to the Nexus. She wields a long sceptre and her eyes are occluded by something that resembles wax.


Tendency Events

  • None


  • Talking to her for the first time, she'll give the player the Blue Eye Stone and White Eye Stone.
  • She can increase any stat to the player's desire in exchange for Souls.
  • Even if attacked she'll never turn hostile and when killed, she'll revive shortly after.
  • She moves around the Nexus everytime the player enters it. The places she can be found at are:
    • Sitting next to the last Archstone the player entered.
    • Standing directly next to Stockpile Thomas.
    • Standing between Blacksmith Boldwin and the Boletarian Palace Archstone.
    • Sitting against a column across the hall from Stockpile Thomas, towards the Valley of Defilement Archstone.
    • Standing at the edge of the transparent seal in the center floor.
    • Beside the small statue where the player respawns upon dying in the Nexus.
    • Standing in the center of the stairs leading down to the area with a lot of messages.


  • Upon defeating the last Archdemon, the Maiden will only be found in the area beneath the Nexus and talking to her won't prompt the level up option any longer.
  • If not talked prior to this point, it will also become impossible to obtain the Blue Eye Stone and White Eye Stone for the rest of the playthrough.
  • If the player chooses the good ending, they'll receive the Maiden in Black's Demon's Soul after the credits.
  • Even in New Game Plus, It's impossible to level up until Phalanx is defeated.


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Voiced by: Evetta Muradasilova
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