Giant Man Centipede
large man centipede

General Information

Much larger and with considerably more faces than their relatives the Man Centipedes.

Item Value
Location Tower of Latria: 3-2, 3-3
Description Walking bug with several faces
Souls1 White: 49 Neutral: 49-65 Black: ??
HP2 White: 486 Neutral: 220-334 Black: ??
Special Attack Jump Leaping attack
Special Attack Acid Spit Spits acid which degrades armor
Weak to All damage types

Attack Patterns

  • Scorpion style tail strike when in range. Rears up tail.
  • Jumping tackle for heavy damage with little warning. Usually the first attack to close in.
  • Will spit acid for heavy damage and high durability reduction. Does an animation with head tilted up before spraying.
  • Still dangerous when seperated from their tail. Don't be fooled.


Try to deal with them individually. The Thief's Ring helps. Avoid standing directly in front of them. Most attacks are telegraphed pretty clearly and are easy to dodge. Lock on, circle to the side and start chopping. If they begin to rear up, clear the area or get covered in acid.
Alternatively, just whack em until they drop. Attack right after the first attack (usually jumping in the Tower of Latria and tail strike in the swamps). Two strong blows with a two handed a melee weapon will cause them to lose their tail leaving them easy to finish.

Item Drops

Item Drops
Shard of Mercurystone
Chunk of Mercurystone
Pure Mercurystone
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