In Game Description

A shard of lava containing intense heat.
This unique ore can melt all other ores and
return an enhanced weapon to its orignal state.


  • 2-1, near the first Fire Gecko
  • Rare drop from Fire Geckos in 2-1

Special Note

  • Used to return upgraded weapons to their original states, so that they can be upgraded in different ways.
    • When doing so, any stones that were used to create the upgraded weapon are lost.
      For example, if you find a Dark Heater Shield +2, you can use a Meltstone to return the shield to a standard Heater Shield +0.
  • Note that Blacksmith Boldwin in the Nexus can only return weapons with basic upgrades (Sharpstone and Hardstone) to +0. Weapons with prefixes or those forged from Demon's Souls require the skills of Blacksmith Ed.
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