Mephistopheles is a grim woman with a deadly secret. She seeks the assistance of Yurt, the Silent Chief, and later the player if Yurt is killed. She also wishes the death of key NPCs in the Nexus; specifically, those with knowledge of the Soul Arts. Upon completion of her requests, Mephistopheles will say that the Order of the Soul has commanded her to remove all those who know the ways of Soul Arts from Boletaria, the player included, in order to keep the ancient rite a secret.


Tendency Events


  • She offers rewards in turn for assassinating other NPC:
    • If an assassination target is already dead, Mephistopheles will skip to the next person on the list and won't hand out any reward.
    • Talking to her after every assassination and be handed the next task is necessary to receive the individual reward.
  • Upon completing all her tasks, she'll give the player the Foe's Ring and turn hostile.
  • Killing Mephistopheles has no effect on either World Tendency or Character Tendency.

Assassination Sidequest and Rewards

Target Reward
Saint Urbain, Worshipper of God and Acolyte of God Stone of Ephemeral Eyes
Sage Freke and his Apprentice Stone of Ephemeral Eyes
Patches, the Hyena Colorless Demon's Soul
Biorr of the Twin Fangs Colorless Demon's Soul
Ostrava of Boletaria Talisman of Beasts
Yuria, the Witch Foe's Ring


HP Souls Drop
793 640 Parrying Dagger
Epee Rapier
Gold Mask
Ring of the Accursed
Vitality Intelligence Endurance Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Luck
20 40 15 19 26 24 6 14


Right Hand 1 Right Hand 2 Left Hand Spell
Epee Rapier +5 Talisman of Beasts Parrying Dagger +15 Soulsucker
Helmet Armor Gauntlets Leggings
Gold Mask Rogue's Clothes Rogue's Gloves Rogue's Boots

Assassination Strategies

Many of the NPCs in the Nexus can easily be killed by casting normal spells (Poison Cloud works a treat) or using your melee weapon of choice. However, a few of them merit special attention:


  • An easy way of killing everyone on the list as quick as possible is using the Clever Rat's Ring and Morion Blade trick. Use your fastest weapon, that deals a lot of damage and keeps them locked in a combo. Straight Swords are good for this. You will do massive amounts of damage per hit and maybe kill them before they can react, if you have enough stamina. The only exceptions would be high hp characters like Ostrava and Biorr.
  • An easy way for magic users to kill everyone is call up Homing Soul Arrow and a sword with a strong thrust. Once you thrust, the Homing Soul Arrow will target. If your magic is high enough all five shots will hit. If they survive they shouldn't need more than 1-2 quick swings.
  • All of the targets are vulnerable to Death Cloud, allowing you to simply cast the spell and wait if you have the patience or are simply having problems killing them. (Note: As you accept each assassination request the target will remain friendly until you attack them, however most simply do not notice if you use Death Cloud, except Ostrava who remains friendly until under 25% health. At which point he becomes hostile)
  • For ranged assassinations use a mixture of the Clever Rat's Ring, Morion Blade, and Thief's Ring with a strong bow. Shoot once and the NPCs get up. They remain standing in place since they don't recognize an attacker. A second shot should kill them. Just remember to kill Urbain's and Freke's followers first, since they'll turn hostile if you defeat their respective masters.
  • Every NPC can be killed in one hit using Soulsucker.

Freke & Urbain

You don't want to give Freke or Urbain a chance to counter-attack. Ambush them with God's Wrath and then knock them down with the Meat Cleaver; or a similar large melee weapon, when they try to get up. You should be able to kill them before they can gather themselves.


Don't get too cocky against Patches. His spear is a deadly weapon, and he also has an Adjudicator's Shield to regenerate his hit points, so he's not quite the pushover that he might seem. Though, as long as you're careful, you can take him out just about any way you want.


Note: If you have rescued Biorr, the last chance to kill him is right after you have defeated the Blue Dragon. If you leave for the Nexus without killing him, or walk too far away from him, he will disappear for good.
Biorr will also stay in his cell for the duration of the game, as long as he's not rescued. If you have already killed the Blue Dragon or Old King Allant, he must be killed right after being released, since going to the Nexus will make him disappear for good.
Possible bug: Sometimes Biorr will not attack you at all even if you do repeated 2 handed heavy melee attack or backstab attacks.
If this happens, you will still get the reward from Mephistopheles. This only happens in The Nexus.


Note: Speaking to Ostrava and making him suicide in 1-4 just before Old King Allant, wont count as a kill, thus you wont get the reward. Walking past him will also result in him killing himself, so you'll have to attack him while he's sitting in the staircase, without talking to him. He will still drop the Mausoleum Key when killed.


Unlike the other two spell trainers, Yuria has a wicked temper, and will become hostile within the first few attacks. If you ambush her with God's Wrath, she'll quickly recover and counter with Firestorm, which will likely kill you, regardless of your Soul Level, equipment, or defensive spells. To play it safe, get a good bow and some heavy arrows, hide behind the Archstones (the Shrine Of Storms side of the steps), and slowly wear her down. She'll throw fire at you, but from that distance, it's easy to dodge her attacks. If she positions herself out of range, walk over to the other side of the Nexus, behind the place where Urbain's female follower normally sits, and you'll have a clear shot at Yuria until she moves back to her original position. Casting the Anti-Magic Field Spell and using a melee attack also works against Yuria.


An easy way to kill Mephistopheles is to keep her just out of melee range and zap her with Soul Arrow until she dies, blocking her attacks with a good shield. Just don't let her touch you, as she will use the Soulsucker Spell


Use Mephistopheles as an easy way to delevel. You can be soul sucked up to 4 times during your battle with her. This is most easily achieved if you keep within melee range of her with your shield up. Once you have blocked 1-2 of her attacks and she has staggered, she will usually pull out her catalyst and cast Soulsucker

When she pulls out her wand, keep your shield on her left shoulder. She will either dodge or strafe. If she dodges walk up and place your shield on her left shoulder again. If she strafes she is going to cast soul suck. If she leads you out on the edge by the staircases, back off. Let her follow you back into the upstairs room. She may roll/dodge from the ledge all the way down to the nexus ground floor. This will certainly kill her for the game cycle.


  • If one desires to obtain both the Foe's Ring and the Friend's Ring in a single playthrough, it's heavily recommended to aim for the latter first, as it's easier to reach Pure Black Character Tendency from Pure White Character Tendency than the opposite.
  • Since Mephistopheles only hands out her reward once the entire group is murdered, when the player is tasked with killing Urbain along his discples and Freke along his Apprentice, the latters can be killed to darken Character Tendency without the risk of missing on the quest item, as Urbain and Freke won't become hostile when their followers are harmed.
  • Killing Urbain will make it impossible to learn or memorize different Miracles for the rest of the playthrough.
  • Killing Yuria, Sage Freke and his Apprentice will make it impossible to learn or memorize different Magic Spells for the rest of the playthrough.
  • Mephistopheles' Soulsucker, exactly like Old King Allant's grab attack, can be exploited by the player to delevel one's self, with the only difference that reloading the game is needed once she runs out of MP.


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Voiced by: Hannah McBride
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