The Monumental
the monumental

The Monumental is the last surviving harbinger of its kind. They are a vessel-race endowed only with prophetic knowledge and lacking all consequence of emotion or personal-thought. It seeks to aid the adventurer into lulling the Old One back to sleep.

Found in:

  • Nexus
    • On a balcony high above the archstones, sitting in front of a lit candle.
    • The cutscene after talking to the Maiden in Black shows the path to get to him.

Tendency Events:

  • Pure White Character Tendency
    • Gives the Friend's Ring
    • Must have previously answered 'Yes' to its question about helping lull the Old One back to slumber.


  • After defeating the first boss in Boletaria Castle, you must talk to him and unlock the other 4 archstones before the Maiden in Black will give level upgrades.
  • Whether or not you answer "Yes" to The Monumental's quest does not affect the outcome of the game, nor does it have any effect on your character (besides the ability to obtain the Friend's Ring).
  • Cannot die


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