Giant Mosquito
a giant mosquito

General Information

Item Value
Location Valley of Defilement: 5-2
Description … They're Giant Mosquitoes…
Souls1 White: ?? Neutral: 157 Black: ??
HP2 White: ?? Neutral: 55 Black: ??
Attack Melee Physical
Attack Ranged Poison
Special Attack Melee Sting Sucks the blood from a player
Weak to Fire

Attack Patterns

  • Poison spray
  • Bloodsucking back cling


You only encounter these guys a few times. They like to fly above your head and drop down to ambush you. Simply shoot them down with arrows or magic. They are weak to fire, weak enough that a strong magic user can kill them with one hit from Fire Spray.

Item Drops

Enemy Variety Item Drops
All Shard of Marrowstone (Pulpstone) (common)
Chunk of Marrowstone (Pulpstone) (rare)
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