New Game Plus

CONGRATULATIONS, you managed to complete your first play through of Demon's Souls, but it doesn't end there, and when it says 'The true Demon's Souls starts here' they weren't joking. Now after defeating the deformed King you will find yourself in the Nexus, you can now communicate with all NPCs, apart from the maiden-in-black, which means you will have to complete world 1.1, before you can level up.

WARNING - this game gets a lot more difficult. Don't be led into a false sense of security, even though you have much better equipment, stats and spells, this game continues to test you. Enemies are a lot more difficult, they are 50 - 60% harder. To compensate, the experience gained also increases. I personally bought this game for two reasons: 1. I enjoy hardcore traditional RPGs 2. I want to be challenged, and in NG+ the challenge truly begins.

When entering Boletarian Palace, make sure to have the same mental attitude as you did the first time round, defense is the key, try to keep your shield up as much as possible and evade attacks, enemies are most weak after hitting a shield when they are momentarily stunned. You will already have the soulbrandt after defeating The Old One/Deformed False King.

  1. - If you chose the Bad route, you will have obtained a ds-beast and a Red Eye Stone (allowing PvP)
  2. - If you chose the good route, you will have gained a ds-Maiden in Black (which can be traded for Soulsucker).

Your main objective in Boletarian Palace is simply complete the level, this is achieved by slaying the Phalanx. Along the way you can defeat the Red Eyes Knight and also you can kill Ostrava to get the mausoleum-key if you haven't done so already. However, the formidable foe Old King Doran dwells in the shrine and he guards one of the most valuable treasures in the game, the Demonbrandt. It is a good idea to face Old King Doran if you have not done so already, after taking approximately 25% health off, he allows you to take the Demonbrandt.

Old King Doran possess the ancient-king armor set and the eternal-warrior-s-ring. This loot is very valuable as the armor has:

  • Medium Physical Defence
  • High Fire Defence
  • Lighter then most armor

There are lots of strategies that work, however, the easiest one for me was a sneak attack approach.

Old King Doran Battle - Melee/Sneak approach

  • Note - This is similar to the strategy of Farming the Red Eye knight.

For this particular strategy to work you must have the thief-s-ring equipped and the Soulbrandt.

  1. Attack Old King Doran till he responds, you must be wary of his attack as they are powerful. If he does manage to land a blow and takes a lot of health, retreat while sprinting to heal, don't do it in the shrine he will attack while you heal. Run back out onto the bridge on the right hand side (from the perspective of looking towards the shrine), right against the wall.
  2. Keep the camera watching Old King Doran, observe and continue down the bridge until Old King Doran gives up and returns to the shrine.
  3. As soon as he does this sprint towards him, go right behind him for a back attack.
  4. This attack does a considerable amount of damage as the Soulbrandt has high damage.
  5. Repeat numbers 2 - 4 until he dies. Grab the Armor and ring and continue through the level.
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