Newgame Plus

This page is all about the so called Newgame (NG) lifecycle and its rules.

The Newgame lifecycles

There are eight Newgame lifecycles across which the difficulty of the game increases on each cycle.

Abbreviation Description
NG Newgame. If you play Demon's Souls for the very first time, you are in the NG lifecycle. All worlds have neutral world tendency. Your character has neutral tendency.
NG+ Newgame +. After viewing the end credits from completing NG you will automatically be returned to the Nexus which marks the start of NG+. It is not possible to access the tutorial level in NG+ or beyond
NG++ After 2 playthroughs you can start the 3rd lifecycle of Newgame.
NG(n+) For better readability the plus signs are quoted in the format n+ where n is the number of playthroughs minus 1. Therefore NG(4+) is equivalent to NG++++ which means the 5th playthrough of the game (NG, NG+, NG++, NG+++ and NG++++).
  • A simple way to keep track of what NG(n+) you are currently on is to count the number of Rings of Sincere Prayer you have picked up. This Ring is found only once in each playthrough, and it's also a forced pickup from the Maiden Astraea Archstone, so it's one of the best indicators available.

What will be carried over

The following items will carry over from one NG lifecycle to the subsequent NG lifecycle (e.g. from NG+ to NG++)

The items mentioned above include those stored with Stockpile Thomas.

What will not be carried over

  • All NPCs will reset to their default position, this includes all who have died for whatever reason.
  • All Keys will reset to their default position.
  • All doors and unlockable areas will reset.
    Note: If you have the World Tendency requirement to open an area such as the execution grounds in 1-1 (Where Miralda is) when you complete the game, upon starting NG+ you will find that area open already. Although the door will have shut when you finished the game, the game will take into account your WT upon starting NG+ and will unlock/open any areas as normal.

Difficulty Rules

Lifecycle Game Difficulty Compared to NG
NG Game difficulty has no modifier. + 0%
NG+ Difficulty increased by approximate 40% compared to NG ( Neutral CT assumed ) + 40%
NG++ Difficulty increased by approximate 8% compared to NG+ ( Neutral CT assumed ) + 51.2 %
NG+++ Difficulty increased by approximate 8% compared to NG++ ( Neutral CT assumed ) + 63.3 %
NG4+ Difficulty increased by approximate 8% compared to NG+++ ( Neutral CT assumed ) + 76.4 %
NG5+ Difficulty increased by approximate 8% compared to NG4+ ( Neutral CT assumed ) + 90.5 %
NG6+ Difficulty increased by approximate 8% compared to NG5+ ( Neutral CT assumed ) + 105.7 %
NG7+ Difficulty increased by approximate 8% compared to NG6+ ( Neutral CT assumed ) + 122.2 %

note: from the 8th playthrough onwards, the difficulty will not increase further

Checklist before starting NG+ lifecycle

As you can see above, the NG+ increases the difficulty by 40% compared to NG. Because of this fact you are well advised to pause for a moment and look back. Get all valuable items that have not yet been gathered by yourself. This checklist will help you.

World Object Description Dependencies
Nexus Souls The Maiden in Black will not allow you to spend souls with her to increase your soul level until you have defeated Phalanx again Phalanx
Nexus Mephistopheles Quests Near end game you can shift your character to black tendency so that Mephistopheles appears in the Nexus (first floor). All killed NPCs will be reset in NG+ therefore I suggest doing the Mephistopheles Quests just right before you will enter NG+ BCT
Nexus Pure Faintstone Get Faith stat to 20 and speak to Worshipper of God to receive a Pure Faintstone (this is the only guaranteed way to receive a Pure Faintstone). Note that immediately upon entering NG+ you can immediately receive another Pure Faintstone from her. Saint Urbain must not be killed
1-1 Demonbrandt Challenge the Old King Doran to get the Demonbrandt. Together with the Soulbrandt Blacksmith Ed can forge them into Northern Regalia. You need the Mausoleum Key from Ostrava, otherwise the you will not be able to open the Gate. Mausoleum Key
2-1 Upgrade Stones Kill the ore bag wielding Scale Miners to obtain a variety of upgrade stones -
2-1 Advanced weapon upgrades Make sure that you perform any weapon upgrades that you want to do as you will not be able to do them in the next game cycle until you have unlocked Blacksmith Ed and given him the Red Hot Demon's Soul Red Hot Demon's Soul
2-2 Upgrade Stones Clear the lizard pit four times to obtain a variety of upgrade stones. -
4-1 White Arrows Make sure that you get all White Arrows from Sparkly the Crow. Of course you can trade all other items that you have not yet traded. -
4-1 Colorless Demon Soul Trade the Gold Mask & Talisman of God with Sparkly the Crow for one Colorless Demon's Soul a piece -
Upgrade Stones Kill the remaining Crystal Lizards throughout the worlds. Also kill the One Time NPC Black Phantoms in each world. -
Primeval Demons Obtain a Colorless Demon's Soul in each world by killing the corresponding Primeval Demon. You will need -2 or -3 Black World Tendency, otherwise the Primeval Demon will not appear. PBWT
Black Phantoms If you want to shift your Character Tendency towards white, try to obtain pure black world tendencies and kill the corresponding Named Black Phantom of each world. PBWT
final Archdemon When you have completed four Worlds, consider using your accumulated souls to level up before destroying the final Archdemon in the last World. Since you won't be able to raise your soul level until you defeat the Phalanx again. In terms of finishing the game, it doesn't matter what order you complete the Worlds.
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