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There are a few different level ranges, and varying requirements, for the various multiplayer interactions in Demon's Souls.

Level Range Formulas

The level range formulas are calculated from the perspective of the host, not the summoned/ invading phantoms. For the given formulae below, x = the level of the host, and the resulting ranges are the levels of the players who can enter the host's world. All level ranges are up to date with the Demon's Souls Remake, older ranges are nested in drop-down fields below.

Blue Eye Stone & Red Eye Stone

These items use the standard co-op range. Players can be paired with others who are relatively near their level, using what is commonly referred to as the "10 + 10%" calculation.

x +/- (10 + 0.1x)

  • Level 50 can summon: 35 - 65
  • Level 100 can summon: 80 - 120

Black Eye Stone

The lower limit is shifted slightly below the co-op range by a couple levels, while the maximum level an invader can be uses a different formula.

x - (12 + 0.1x) (lower-level limit)
(x - 2) + 0.1x (upper-level limit)

  • Level 50 can be invaded by: 33 - 53
  • Level 100 can be invaded by: 78 - 108

Note that a Level 1 or Level 2 host cannot ever be invaded by someone using the Black Eye Stone, apart from the Old Monk fight (which uses a different range).

The Old Monk

The Old Monk encounter can pull players into PvP as this boss when any of the three above items are used anywhere in Latria. However, their normal ranges are ignored. A player may be anywhere between 40 levels below to 10 levels above the host.

x - 40 (lower-level limit)
x + 10 (upper-level limit)

  • Level 50 can be invaded by 10 - 60
  • Level 100 can be invaded by 60 - 110

Item Use Requirements

Requires Phantom Form?
Blue Eye Stone Yes
Red Eye Stone No
Black Eye Stone Yes

Host must always be in Human form. Visit items' individual pages for more details.

Level Range Calculators

Level Range Calculator (website) - Input any level to find out all of the possible level ranges for each multiplayer perspective.


  • When calculating a level range, if a decimal place is created by the 0.1x part of the equation, the resulting decimal place is truncated entirely, resulting in a rounding down to the nearest whole number. This is done before adding or subtracting it to the player's original level.
  • To get summoned intentionally by The Old Monk against a certain player, you should have your sign down or attempt an invasion shortly before the host begins ascending the staircase. These items should already be active or searching, in order for a host to be able to pull someone into their world.
  • Demon's Souls Remake: Turning on and coordinating a password between two or more players will bypass level ranges for the Blue and Red Eye Stones. Passwords also allow multiplayer activity in areas where the boss has been defeated.
  • Demon's Souls Remake: A host can re-enable random invasions in an area with a defeated boss if they have a password enabled. It can be any password at all; It does not need to be coordinating or turned on by the invaders at all. Coordinating a password does not help target specific hosts nor bypass level ranges for the Black Eye Stone.
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