Ostrava of Boletaria (Prince Ariona Allant)


A young knight surrounded by slave soldiers near the anteport of the Boletarian Royal Castle. Equipped with a rare Rune Sword and Shield.


Tendency Events:


Saving Ostrava and completing his questline

In World 1-1

Past the first Blue Eye Knight guarding the fog gate, Ostrava of Boletaria can be found down the staircase, just over the edge of the walkway: walking toward the edge at bottom of the stairs will allow the player to jump over it and down to the ledge with Ostrava.
On this platform the Thief's Ring is also found. Taken out the Dreglings below, Ostrava will jump down to reward the player with a Brass Telescope. It's also recommended to fight the other enemies in this area, as Ostrava might engage them while patrolling.

In World 1-2

Once reached the first bridge tower, taken the stairs down and came back through the dark passage, taking out the Boletarian Soldiers and the Dregling on the way and will free Ostrava from his imprisonment and he'll reward the player with Dark Moon Grass x3.

In World 1-3

After killing the second Fat Official guarding the gate at the start of the area, Ostrava will come rushing, begging the player to open the passage, so that he can escape the Red Eye Knights that are chasing him. Once these are defeated, Ostrava will reward the player with a Pure Clearstone.

In World 1-4

Reached the end of his journey, Ostrava will give the player the Mausoleum Key, where the Demonbrandt is located, before committing suicide. Shortly after his Black Phantom will appear guarding the elevator to Old King Allant.

Stats (Body Form)

HP Souls Drop
616 550 Mausoleum Key
Vitality Intelligence Endurance Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Luck
12 8 10 12 12 18 8 4

Equipment (Body Form)

Right Hand Left Hand
Rune Sword Rune Shield
Helmet Armor Gauntlets Leggings
Fluted Helmet Fluted Armor Fluted Gauntlets Fluted Leggings

Stats (Black Phantom)

HP Souls Drop
1584 12300 Rune Sword
Rune Shield
Vitality Intelligence Endurance Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Luck
20 5 15 12 8 18 4 6

Equipment (Black Phantom)

Right Hand Left Hand
Rune Sword +5 Rune Shield +5
Helmet Armor Gauntlets Leggings
Fluted Helmet Fluted Armor Fluted Gauntlets Fluted Leggings



Take care, Ostrava's heavy combos are pretty dangerous.

Cheap Melee

Black Phantom Ostrava will sometimes roll under pressure in melee combat; this can be used to your advantage if he is fought on the long bridge where he spawns. Dealing adequate damage in melee while the player and Ostrava are facing in nearly any direction not parallel to the bridge has the potential to cause him to roll to his doom. Be wary, however, as this can sometimes result in his armaments not spawning properly on load.

Super Cheap Melee

In 1-1 after rescuing him, if you attack him he will ask you to stop. If you let him walk away and attack him again, he'll ask you to stop again without becoming hostile. You can take advantage of this: backstab him, wait that he walks away and backstab him again. Rinse and repeat until he dies and enjoy your loots. Also works in 1-3 after he is rescued from the knights.


Use Poison Cloud as he runs up to you. You can either circle him until he dies or use Fire Spray to speed up said process.


Ostrava will keep up the pressure as long as he still draws breath, so the only reliable ranged strategy requires you to keep backtracking, and depending on whether you killed it, Ostrava may simply die to the Blue Dragon breath while you clear distance.

Ranged 2

If you shoot Black Phantom Ostrava from the start of the bridge, he will jog in a straight line for you without holding his shield up. If you stand still and continue to shoot him with arrows, it is possible to kill him before he gets into melee range in a New Game.

Cheap Ranged

Equip the Thief's Ring and stand just on the red carpet at the top of the stairs near the start of the bridge, scope in with your bow and fire a shot at him from there. If you remain still, he'll run at you, but as soon as he gets halfway across the bridge he'll turn around and walk back to his post. At this point you can fire at him again and wait for him to run halfway then return to his post again. Repeat until dead.

Co-op with Biorr

Kill the Blue Dragon quickly enough to save Biorr. After the dragon is dead get Black Phantom Ostrava to notice you and make him follow you outside. Biorr will attack Black Phantom Ostrava for massive damage (4-5 hits), but Black Phantom Ostrava will refuse to fight Biorr either turning around and walking slowly or just stand still.


  • If Body Form Ostrava dies in an inaccessable place or falls off of the world to his death, reloading the game will make the Mausoleum Key spawn in Ostrava's original location in the stage: beware that if not picked up, the next time the game is reloaded, it will be gone permanently.
  • The Rune Sword and Rune Shield dropped by Black Phantom Ostrava will not respawn upon reloading the game, so if he falls down to his death, the drops are lost forever.
  • A bug might occur in which, if Ostrava dies in 1-1 after Phalanx is killed, he will reappear in 1-2 to be rescued.
  • In the North American version, Black Phantom Ostrava will fight Biorr if he's led out of the castle and Biorr attacks him. It's not clear whether this is World Tendency or Character Tendency related, or just a glitch that got fixed. Note that Ostrava's damage, although not as much as Biorr's, is still fairly high, so if Biorr is severely weakened from the dragon fight, Ostrava may win.


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Voiced by: Josh Cohen
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