Patches, the Hyena
patches the hyena


Patches is a scoundrel who enjoys setting traps for unsuspecting travelers, often using their greed against them to lure them to their demise and loot their corpse.

He has previously imprisoned Graverobber Blige in a flooded cell and kicked Saint Urbain down a pit.

Despite his irriverent attitude, not even Patches would dare to cross paths with Yurt, the Silent Chief.

If players resist the temptation to kill Patches in revenge for tricking them, he will return to the Nexus, where he'll became an useful merchant.


Tendency Events



HP Souls Drop
638 165 Thief's Ring
Vitality Intelligence Endurance Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Luck
13 10 21 20 29 7 8 22


Right Hand 1 Right Hand 2 Left Hand Arrow
Short Spear +10 Short Bow Adjudicator's Shield Rotten Arrow
Helmet Armor Gauntlets Leggings
Black Leather Black Gloves Black Boots


  • At high New Game cycles, especially with darker World Tendency, the explosion of the Giant Bearbug during the World 2-2 event will kill Patches. To avoid this and be able to use him as a vendor, kill the bug and quit the game once the death blow has been dealt, as the mob is about to detonate. After reloading the game, pickup the Ring of Flame Resistance and then talk to Patches to continue his questline.
  • Occasionally after having Patches return to the Nexus and become a vendor after the events in World 2-2 and World 4-2, he can no longer be found there. If this happens he must be talked to in World 2-2 or World 4-2 at his usual location to get him to reappear once again in the Nexus: the World he can be found in is the one he wasn't first met in.
  • Completing World 2-1 and then World 4-1 without encountering Patches in World 2-2 first may cause him to disappear from the game until New Game Plus. This is not linked to the previously mentioned Black World Tendency Event, although it may be a White World Tendency Event. However it may also be a glitch, because the disappearances of Graverobber Blige and Saint Urbain from their positions in World 4-2, as well as the continuous respawning of the Uchigatana Black Phantom in Saint Urbain's pit, may also be related to this situation.

Vendor Information



Item Cost
Heavy Bolt 40
Heavy Arrow 30
Item Cost Amount Availability
White Arrow 500 30 Available after killing three Archdemons


Item Cost
Half Moon Grass 300
Late Moon Grass 500
Full Moon Grass 1000
Fresh Spice 800
Shard of Archstone 5000
Item Cost Amount Availability
Sticky White Stuff 5000 unlimited Available after killing two Archdemons
New Moon Grass 5000 unlimited Available after killing three Archdemons
Dark Moon Grass 10000 5 Available after killing four Archdemons
Stone of Ephemeral Eyes 50000 3 Available after killing four Archdemons


Item Cost
Fragrant Ring 60000
Item Cost Amount Availability
Cat's Ring 40000 1 Available after killing two Archdemons


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Voiced by: Will Vanderpuye
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