The Demon's Souls Planner is an Excel spreadsheet which contains stat information (STR, DEX, INT/WILL, etc) , secondary stat information (HP, MP, Equip Weight, etc), as well as an upgrade table and where to find every upgrade stone.

How to Use

The planner is easy to use. Simply enter values in the yellow cells, and the green are output. (Hint: Don't type in the output cells). Excel 2003+ required. Contains conditional formatting and cell comments, which may or may not be supported by other spreadsheet applications.

Hint for all foreign language Users of Excel: You have to set the regional Laguange Settings of your PC or MS Office to english. Otherwise the Values of the Last Tab "XP" in Cell G4 and G5 and the "XP Req Next" and "XP Req Total" on the Tab "Stat Planer" wont display any Results!


Feel free to contact ArdentMarauder via PM with questions, comments, concerns, hate mail or lavish praise.

You can start a new PM to ArdentMarauder by clicking here.


Read the following disclaimer before downloading the Stat Planner!

The file that is maintained by ArdentMarauder for the DSEW does NOT contain macros. If you are asked to enable macros upon opening the Stat Planner, DO NOT ENABLE MACROS. Simply close the file and contact an administrator or moderator.

You should always use extreme caution when opening any file from a source you do not implicitly trust, and you should never activate a macro in a spreadsheet unless you are familiar with embedded VB code, and know how to view the code before you allow it to run. Should you open the stat planner hosted here and are informed that it contains macros, please close downloaded file and contact an administrator or moderator immediately.

There have been issues with other users posting malicious, fake Stat Planners to this site. Due to the previous malicious versions being posted, and the potential threat level, users are no longer allowed to upload those files or edit this page. If you wish to contribute to the spreadsheet please contact an administrator or a moderator for assistance.

Only download if you have read the above disclaimer, and understand the risks!

You can download the Stat planner by clicking here.


2.4 - 2/4/10

Added a bunch of low level XP levels.
Replaced algorithm to determine "Interpolated" values, and all values are now accurate within 1 soul point (thanks Maeloch).

2.3 - 11/03/09

Added exact XP levels between 145 and 195
- I did miss a few of them; If you feel like filling in the "blank" yellow cells in the XP tab, please send me a PM with what you've got, it would help a ton :)

2.2 - 10/27/09

Tuned secondary stats to better represent current game
Added a few more locations to find upgrade materials
Added a bunch more levels of exact experience to next level

2.1 - 10/26/09

Added 'Experience' tab to better track exactly how many souls are required per level up.
Fixed small errors in materials page.
Started development on 'Upgrade Projection'
Split 'Upgrade Table' onto its own tab

2.0 - 10/1/09

Started over for easier use. Now just type in yellow cells, output in green.
Added conditional formatting for 'desired' stats having been met or not.

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