platinum speedrun

platinum speedrun - using thomas dupe exploit

dupe every 99 item
hot key shard of arch
discount lucky drops (ie. great club etc)
maybe not worth pickup some weapons. buy instead quicker?
moon/dmoon/blade all lucky. maybe discount pbs?

<table for basic upgrades (total stones. ie. how many 99 dupes)>

<where is 1st available legendary hero soul?>

1-1 collect shard of arch. firebombs (1-1 boss). turps. save ostrava (pure q. maus key > db+ewr). brushwood shield.
1-2 winged spear (scraping spear). wooden cat (iCat). soee. save ostrava. tower shield.
1-3 release yuria (spells/foes). psword?
1-4 tower shield. white bow. psword. (all treasure elsewhere. maybe ignore bp trio?). rune shield/sword.
2-1 suicide x7. kill pd (relief) sprint through > kill svirvir (tob)
2-1 shard/chunk/pure spiderstone. great club (mc). kris blade.
2-2 shard/chunk grey. pure sharp. pure hard. hands of god.
2-3 dbs > scirvir > pure grey
3-1 sharp/chunk moon. release freke (spells/geris).ppole.
3-2 key to release rydell (dull rat). epee rapier (also meph drop). ring of a. kill yurt (meph>foes). pure moon.
3-3 yellow ds
4-1 adjudicator shield. tog > cds > relief ??.
4-2 shard dmoon. pure dmoon. hero ds > lsos. white bow?
4-3 pure dmoon.
5-1 ring of md. shard of faintstone (in 5-2 also near chunk)? shard/chunk marrow. complete > re-enter > istarelle
5-1 suicide x7. exit. enter 5-2 > backtrack > kill selen (blind)
5-2 broken sword (bblood). cat's ring. shard/chunk marrow. shard/chunk faint. shard/chunk/pure sucker. lsom.
5-3 dss. bramd. pure merc/marrow. ring of sp.

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