Prison of Hope, 2F W Cell Key


In Game Description

An iron key with a 'II' etched into it.
It opens the locked cell on the west wing
of 2nd floor of the Prison of Hope.


3-2 top of the first worshipper/chain tower. Requires Pure White World Tendency.

When Pure White World Tendency is attained in Latria, a bridge appears at the top of the first chain tower.
The bridge spans a crumbled section of the tower that leads to the very top.

Once the bridge is in place it remains there for the rest of the playthrough, regardless of World Tendency.


3-1 Prison of Hope, 2F W, Rydell's cell

Special Note

Release Lord Rydell.

Note - You must obtain the Dull Rat's Ring from Rydell in order to gain access to 3-1 2F E.

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