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(desc / asc)
Version Character(s) Game Plan Language(s) Timezone Popularity
(desc / asc)
Last Updated
(desc / asc)
hamsterblood US Briza-hunter- slvl 127 NG+ Looking for assistance in 1-4 starting at penetrator arch stone ( blue dragon and false king) NG+ US Mountain 0 04 Sep 2016 18:27
LEOTHOMAS97 EU NG SL 90 Knight Looking for players facing 3-3 boss for me to invade as Old Monk boss to get Monk's Head Collar, or players who gan give/trade it to me English, Italian Central Europe 0 23 Aug 2016 12:27
Babuloking EU SL 28 Templar Knight My game glitched, and made the adjudicator shield dissappear, I only want someone to give me theirs, because I need it for my build. English Spanish Central Europe 0 14 Aug 2016 14:05
ScrubLordBrock EU Sl7 archer Looking for people to play with English Australia Central 0 14 Aug 2016 01:23
DarkSlayerGilver US SL70, SL110 Spellswords Pvp mostly but am up for anything :) English US Eastern 0 06 Aug 2016 05:21
Pvp savaşmak isteyenler eklesin US Spartacus Savaş Türkçe Australia Central 0 23 Jul 2016 10:34
Gabriel_Bardock US Barbarian: SL 98, Wanderer: SL 25, Knight: SL 182, Temple Knight: SL 123 Just want someone to have fun playing the game, whether it's PvP or Co-op. I can help with some trophies too, but only in my Knight character. Portuguese (Brazil); English Brazil 1 20 Jul 2016 14:07
DoorToLight EU SL 124 Quality build, but I'm planning on starting a new character too Duels, invasions, coop… anything that involves multiplayer experience. Also I have all the stones for the platinum if anybody is interested. Spanish, English Central Europe 0 19 Jul 2016 22:45
DesTomate US Warrior / Faith Would love to play coop with a new character, send me a message English US Pacific 0 17 Jul 2016 07:04
Zaiudeen US IlNeil English Australia Central 0 13 Jul 2016 05:51
Sir_J3fr0 EU Royal Allrounder SL120 also gotta SL35 favoring Faith NewSL10build SL120 - kill final bosses, SL35 - trophy hunting and just helping other people out… English GMT / UTC 1 30 Jun 2016 17:15
Far_Tuna EU Hunter lvl 99 NG+.any game co-op 4fun English, Russian Moscow 0 30 Jun 2016 16:53
Grant2600 EU Farmer(Very high luck) lvl 50, Tank Warrior in GN+ (Str, Vit) lvl 65, Mage lvl 50 Looking for COOP and/or PvP, anything really just want to meet some people to play with on here. I have a ton of epherel eyes on my character that farms them and can also help out with getting you other stones + boss demons souls English GMT / UTC 0 28 Jun 2016 12:39
RUSSTRADAMUS US SL 115 Looking just to have fun playing CO OP, PvP, Trophy hunting. Just want to play with some people :) ATLUS US Ver English US Mountain 0 25 Jun 2016 22:56
Golden9boy6 EU lvl 307 co-op English Central Europe 0 22 Jun 2016 15:13
DevilxSurvivor US Barbarian warrior SL 120 and Royal mage SL 105 Coop, PvP, trophy hunt anything i can do it´s ok for me. English and Spanish US Central 0 19 Jun 2016 07:19
Crimson_of_DmB US lvl 55 Priest, Claymore +6, Knight's Sheild +4, Heal, Enchant weapon, Stength 30, End + Fth 20, Vit 22 Looking to coop in stonefang to increase world toward Pure white for Dragon Bone Smasher~ English US Central 0 18 Jun 2016 01:26
vandalevich US knight lv 42 dragon halberd+5 endurance vitality build Coop, PvP, anything fun! French, English US Eastern 0 11 Jun 2016 15:28
F100-armageddon EU Gastani - knight - level 201 and Claire - royalty - level 111 some funny cooperation :D Italian Central Europe 0 07 Jun 2016 15:12
suffercor US coop/pvp english US Central 1 06 Jun 2016 02:04
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