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Character(s) Lestat Angelus NG+
Game Plan Just finished my first playthrough, so I'm still learning some stuff
Language(s) English
Character History (optional)

Lestat was a high rank Boletarian knight sent on an expedition to pursue and capture/kill a criminal by the name of Mephistopheles. Having failed to track down the killer, Lestat returns to Boletaria, only to find a deep, deep fog covering his beloved homeland. After passing through the fog he found his country devastated, and before he could venture further he gets knocked out by a 3 eyed monster, or so he thought.

When Lestat wakes up he finds himself in a place the locals call the Nexus. As he looks forward he sees a maiden in black, who then explains to him what has happened (King Allant, the old one, demons, soul arts, etc.). She also explained to him that he wasn't "knocked out", but killed, and now his soul is trapped in the Nexus until the old one is lulled back to his slumber.

After meeting the monumental and the others who were also trapped in the Nexus, the Knight Lestat Angelus sets out on a quest to find out the whereabouts of Prince Allant, to find out why did the king betray his own country, and then to slay every last demon until Boletaria is freed of the shackles of The Old One.

(my english isn't very good, so sorry if i spelled anything wrong of if there's something you don't understand)

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) GMT / UTC
Version EU
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