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Character(s) NG 10+master troll SL: 183 knight, Katze SL: 29 Temple Knight, Lone SL: 24 wanderer, Lost Creed SL: 47 Temple Knight
Game Plan LOVES to help people via co-op blue or friendly black phantom (trusty worthy) just like helping ppl in general so if you need help just add and we'll play =] I help usually help with any level as long as i have it completed myself.
Language(s) English, German
Character History (optional)

master troll SL 183, NG 10+ Weapons: Right hand: Blueblood Sword or LSoML Left hand: Knight shield, Talisman of Beasts. Armor: helmet: Assassin's Mask. Chest: Brushwood chest. Gauntlets: Brushwood Gauntlets. Leggings: Brushwood Leggings

I enjoy helping people in 1-2 with Katze and Lost creed in 1-4 :] so feel free to summon if you see the sign

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Eastern
Version US
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