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Character(s) Acct 1: lv 142 LW Cleaver (base version), lv 142 Fth-Str (homebrew), lv 142 Mage, lv 712 JoAT Acct 2: lv 142 LW Cleaver (higher str version), lv 141 Quality (homebrew), lv 137 Mage (beta), lv 132 Mage
Game Plan Straight PvP, 1v1. 2v2 is fun, but rare.
Language(s) english
Character History (optional)

First, I have to say that I am not at all sure what builds I have anymore, so the above info might not be completely accurate :( Anyways, have a look at my builds if you're interested. My LW Cleaver build is an incredible build that got voted down mainly by blanket voters (the guys that create an account and vote everyone down except themselves or their friends), so bear that in mind when you look at it. With that said, here are my builds, please vote:

-"LW Cleaver" (the most effective MC build in the active PvP range; my own creation, and mine alone. No diminishing returns, nice magdef, 694 AR, nuff said.)

-"Astrichthyes' Faith Build" (balanced with NR as a backup; very effective)

-"Mage" (a pure mage designed for optimal use of the ToB without nerfing vitality)

-"Pushed Spellsword" (Just revised the build. The most current version is much more durable and hits just as hard or harder than before. A hybrid of the Pushed ToB and the Spellsword)

-"Detailed 'Dragon Man' " (Dragon build balanced with NR so it can fight any opponent. Definitely a viable build, both in concept and execution.)

-"Blessed Cleaver?" I forget the name I gave it (a cursed cleaver build with faith as a backup. Someone challenged me to create my own version of their build, so here it is. It's not going to deal as much damage as a FTH-STR, but it is a strong build nonetheless.)

-"You can't see me" (high-dex ninja)

-"MC+DBS+Faith" (my least balanced build. Effective, but definitely not the best build)

Send me a private message here or over PSN if you have any questions/concerns or if you would like to see these builds in action in a red stone duel. I usually leave a red on the rock in 4-1, so look for me if you want a good fight.

If you make a request, you should not intentionally prep your build to kill the damage from it! I will leave if you try. If you want to see a build, it's a legitimate duel or nothing.

I will NOT add anyone unless I know they are none of the following ten things:

1) Spell/miracle glitch user (firestorm, god's wrath, etc)
2) auto-hyper mode user (if i summon a blue and they are already in hypermode, i'll eject them like a good host should)
3) 2-handed spiked shield user (This kind of turtling is extremely cheap because it is rarely parried, deals a lot of damage, and blocks 100% physical damage and 30% magical damage. Reserve it for jumpers please)
4) Jumper
5) Soulsuck backstabber
6) chain backstabber
7) lag switch user
8) just being an asshole (like one particular individual in the comments section below)

Now that I've narrowed it down to a handful of good players, feel free to message me:

Acct 1: astrichthyes (has my normal LWC build)
Acct 2: astrichthyes2 (has the higher strength version of my LWC)

By the way, just so everyone knows, justinian77 is my cousin. He's a beginner, but he's improving very quickly and he's a cool guy. He co-ops much more than i do, so definitely message him over PSN if you need help.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Pacific
Version US
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