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Character(s) Chuck: SL140 knight NG+++ / . SL 140 thief NG+++/ SL 200 priest NG++/ SL 140 mage NG+++/
Game Plan I'm just a normal Demon's Soul's player trying to have fun.
Language(s) English, (taking) German
Character History (optional)

I know an AWESOME dupe trick (its not traditional duping) I'll list the instructions here:
1. Take the desired item out of Stockpile Thomas make sure you only have one in your inv.
2. Talk to Boldwin and go to "buy items", select an item but don't buy it keep it on the quantity screen and walk away.
3. Use your Nexial Binding, when it asks you to forfeit all souls press start.
4. Go back to Thomas and deposit the item you want to dupe, as soon as you deposit it quickly press "O" or you'll go to a loading screen and actually lose your souls.
5. When you go back to take the item out you will see that the quantity is 1203.
6. Enjoy and stuff.

(Note that when you take it out it will reset to 99, arrows though will not be modified. Also you can go here to see the video I saw explaining this glitch.)
A big thanks goes to xTheVisonary.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Central
Version US
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