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Character(s) Rikku (Level 90). NG + 1
Game Plan Duel, Co-op and trade. (1-2, 2-2, 3-1, 4-2, 5-1) Searching for bad tendency on all maps
Language(s) Spanish, English
Character History (optional)

Rikku went to Boletaria looking for glory and fame, maybe because of her gentle soul too, but she didn't figured that the demons were so powerful, the people were so bad and her spirit so dark. She fell another captive from the Nexus, and other slave from the Black Maiden.
Months after her arrival, she lost her soul and became another victim from the fog. Now, she only wanders in search for souls, some people say for helping Boletaria, other say for taking its control.
Without her soul but with a lot of them, she seems to have a life, but its only motivation is souls.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) Central Europe
Version EU
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