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Character(s) Charaziel(Male)
Game Plan Just Another Soul Lost In The Nexus, Eventualy Helping Others And Always Awaiting For A Challenge,If You Feel For It Just Contact Me And I'll Help If I Can, Uses Magic And Great Sword
Language(s) English, Spanish
Character History (optional)

Youngest Son Of A Bastard Line Of An Once Royal Familly, Skilled As Warrior, Gifted As Mage.
Unbeknown Of The Situation, He Traveled To Boletaria From A Far Away Western Land To Learn About Soul Arts, As He Traveled Through The Colorless Deep Fog Carrying A Knigth Shield And Great Sword Imbued With The Power Of The Moon, Keepsake Of His Familly, He Steped Into The Boletaria Palace, Confused By The State Of The City He Saw A Little Girl Running Scared Being Chased By Dragons, Without Hesitation Swung His Blade In Defence Of The Girl, As The Blue Dragon's Attetion Was Drawn To Him And The Red Dragon Recovered From The Hit He Knew He Was Not Getting Out Of There Alive, He Tried To Fight The Drangons Fiercely, But His Magic Was Render Useless, His Mightiest Strike Barely Pushed The Dragons Back, In The End He Was Slain By Them. Weary And Broken He Awoke In The Nexus, Traped By Its Magic Binding He Accepted The Mission Of The Monumental Just For The Opportunity To Grow Stronger, Learn About The Soul Arts And To Once Again Do Battle With The Dragons Into A More Fitting End.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Pacific
Version US
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