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Character(s) SL302 (NG+)
Game Plan Check my Character History to find out what I have/need, and what you may need! || Duping/soulsucking || Message me with Demon's Souls in the message.
Language(s) English
Character History (optional)

Stones I need (I have some other stones that just need to be duped):
- Chunks of greystone
- Pure bladestones
- Pure moonlightstones
- Pure fainstones

However instead of duping stones, if you have a weapon that is maxed for either of these stones, I would appreciate it if you could dupe that weapon for me:
- Greystone (Master Basher's Trophy)
- Bladestone (Master Slasher's Trophy)
- Mercurystone (Poison Master's Trophy)
- Suckerstone (Blood Master's Trophy)
- Marrowstone (Life Master's Trophy)
- Moonlightstone (Moonlight's Trophy)
- Fainstone (Congratulant's Trophy)
- Cloudstone (Shade Master's Trophy)

Weapon trophies I have:
Trophy of Hardness - Hardstone
Trophy of Sharpness - Sharpstone
Trophy of Distinction - Clearstone
Master Bowman's Trophy - Spiderstone
Flame Master's Trophy - Dragonstone
Darkmoon's Trophy - Darkmoonstone
If you need one of these trophies I don't mind duping the weapon for you so you get the trophy yourself.

Unique weapons:
I only need the Blind and Phosphorescent Pole to get the Soldier's trophy, so again, I can dupe any of the weapons/shields you don't have.
The other weapons that I need are:
- Blueblood Sword
- Insanity Catalyst
- Large Sword of Searching
- Lava Bow
- Needle of Eternal Agony

I only need the Friend's ring for the Rogue's trophy. If you don't have it it's okay, I would just need to get PWCT which can easily be done if I kill you whilst you invade me. That was each BP I kill (being you) will change my CT to PWCT then I can talk to the monumental and get the ring, then dupe that ring for you. Again, I have all other rings in the game so I can dupe any you need.

Here we can basically dupe boss souls to get the Sage's trophy/Saint's trophy.

Dupe colourless souls. Just to get +5 on certain weapons/shields! Also because you need 3 colourless souls to get the recovery miracle.
I have colourless souls, they just need to be duped.

This is basically what I need/have, hopefully this will help you to understand how I can be of help =)

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) GMT / UTC
Version EU
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