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Character(s) Main Character - SL 188 Dex Build - Starting NG+++ - Secondary Character - SL 75 Faith Build - Starting NG+
Game Plan NEED PURE BLADESTONES or Sharp Weapons. I Live in France, so keep in mind the timezone differences.My Main Character has all weapons except gargoyle crossbow plus all trophy weapons … Desperately need another Pure Bladestone and willing to trade/dupe materials/weapons/etc. Really need another Sharp UCHI. Also looking for a partner to either delevel or powerlevel (either get back to SL 120 or get as high as a can). Have no friends that play Demon's Souls… So i would love to have a few people I can play with and have fun with. See character history for more.
Language(s) English, French
Character History (optional)

What can I say. I really like this game and i'm really looking forward to getting my platinum trophy for it. I'm not too fond of making numerous characters, so i stick mostly to my LVL 188 Dex Build, who has acquired all trophies and all weapons except the gargoyle crossbow. There's quite some grind to be had in this game, and i'm a completist, thus making new characters is kinda tedious for me… I'd rather have an awesome SL 250 ish jack of all trades that's good in everything than 4 different builds that are very specialised. I would ideally like to get my character to stop at a medium PVP level… Thus getting friends to join and people to invade without necessarily staying at SL 120 for all eternity, since I feel SL 120 characters are too much of a one trick-poney. I'd rather be adept in everything than rely on a pure cookie cutter build… But I'm comtemplating deleveling since … Well since it seems there's so little possible invading going on once you get past LVL 140… Or maybe i'll just get my Faith Build to SL 120 and get one of those Armory character packs that's being given on gamefaqs. As of now I'm really trying to get good dex gear. Already have Makoto +5 , Two Hiltless +5, One Sharp and Tearing Uchi+5s, need one more to complete the pair and dual wield. I'm also looking for spare bladestones and any Sharp weapon you have (want to have more item variety for combat).

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) GMT / UTC
Version US
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