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Character(s) Hunter
Game Plan To save Boletaria from the evil that has been unleashed.
Language(s) English
Character History (optional)

Chapter 1

My Hunter, named Crytos was weak to start but after battling the Phalanx in Boletaria Crytos slowly captured the souls of the land to become a strong warrior. The red knight was soon an easy target to kill and to farm for souls which helped him get his strength, ability and endurance up. The Tower Knight was next to fall to Crytos who now bulges with attack and stamina prowess. With these skills and attack Crytos is now working on his Magic and Miracle abilities to be an all round excellent warrior of the land. Crytos has lately achieved victory over the horrors in the Tower Of Latria where the Fools Idol was slain, the Armor Spider has suffered the same fate as the rest.

In recent times Crytos found a Blue Phantom and summoned a great warrior from another realm. Together Crytos and this Warrior took on the Adjudicator and annihilated the creature!

The battle of the FlameLurker was a cursed one, failing on a few attempts Crytos furthered his fighting and magic abilities to take him down more effeciently. Having acquired Soul Ray and lots of Moon Grass victory was achieved and PWWT granted. With the Red Hot Demon's Soul Crytos blessed the blacksmith Ed with the Demon forging ability to grant him the Lava Bow.

Chapter 2

Soon after the FlameLurkers demise, the Dragon God was on Crytos' hit list. After using for the odd tip, the Dragon God was soon pinned to the floor where he was executed with the aid of the Lava Bow. Soul gathering from this epic fight granted Crytos a date with the Maiden in Black to heighten his Magic abilities and with these will soon take on World 4-2.

World 4-2 proved more troublesome that it was worth, the reapers were annoying and the giggling girls took a beating in the end, Crytos has terrible aim at killing the Storm Beasts in this world - stay still dammit! After much teething through the world when faced eye to…rag with the Old Hero he fell fast thanks to the aid of the Thief's ring and the fact that he was blind. The Storm King awaits!

Soon after the passing of the Old Hero the Storm King became the target. Rushing the world to collect the lizards that spat out Pure Darkmoonstone and Chunk of Darkmoonstone next to the Stormruler Sword Crytos ducked and weaved through the stones to take out the Storm Beasts to lure the Boss to his wake. Rinse, Repeat and the Demon was slain in record time, and this world; 4-4 soon became Crytos' perfect location for levelling up (The ring of Avarice is a must). Soon gaining a whopping 15 levels Crytos proceeded to The Valley of Defilement.

The Valley of Defilement proved an easy task for the first world, nothing could touch Crytos as he plundered the loot and defeated enemy upon enemy. The Leechmonger battle was a simple snipe and death to him from above with the aid of the Lava Bow, Crytos' trusty long range destructive friend. At the time of entering The Leechmonger Archstone this world was long and tedious for Crytos, not only hindered by the slow swamp movement but being constantly poison and then murdered by the Giant Depraved Ones constanly, don't even start Crytos on about the group of three Giant Depraved Ones guarding a loot he's yet to discover. The problem Crytos faced was strength and defense, being in the level 70's with Fluted Armor and Crescent Falchion +5, so after many attempts at this world Crytos retreated to the Nexus to replenish and to return another day. So onward to the rest of Tower Of Latria!

Chapter 3

The Tower Of Latria, The Fool's Idol Archstone was very easy for Crytos, walking through the world with no real threat. He free'd Yurt the Silent Chief and left him to plunder the land while he went for the Maneater Demon. A fair amount of loot was available for Crytos and he's fully stocked with Spice now. Upon defeating the Black Phantom Mind Flayer's the Maneater was easy to tackle; until the 2nd one showed up. With the first Maneater on minimal health Crytos couldn't tell the difference between the two to make sure the 1st one got killed and then continue a one on one battle - in the end Crytos persevered and was victorious without death. Now all that was left was the Old Monk.

After returning to the Nexus Crytos deposited his loot and visiting the Maiden for some much needed attention to his abilites, the many unknown soldiers souls collected throughout The Fool's Idol Archstone proved useful for topping up to give the Maiden what she wanted - she drives a hard bargain but he got her to comply. Following that Crytos went to visit Yurt who was in the Nexus (on the 1st floor that's always empty) looking all grumpy with life, Crytos took one look at his Armor and undressed him with his eyes to see what the armor would look like on himself instead - so he attacked Yurt and killed him for his wares! A successful and very easy battle.

Crytos soon returned to The Tower of Latria with the sole purpose to take down the Old Monk, again the Black Phantom Mind Flayers didn't stand a chance in the staircase since they would hit the wall and Crytos would cripple them with his Lava Bow of death. Crytos was tipped off that the battle for the Old Monk would be him versus another Human! Unaware of their ability and prowess Crytos took caution at the fog entrance, listening to the sounds of the Human only to see him for a glimpse through the fog before hiding, to what was confirmed to be behind the wall ready to backstab him on entering the fog - the most pussy way to fight!

Seeing right through his plan Crytos entered the fog and dodged the Human and the battle began. The Human was armed with the Brushwood Shield and a booty sword Crytos was unfamiliar with the battle turned out to be more tedious that hard. Crytos could do a lot of damage per stamina to the Human when in close quarters only to get some distance and he would heal up again. Anyway the fight continued and eventually the Brushwood shield and armor they were wearing broke to reveal a poxy little man in a loin cloth, Crytos laughed, launched a Fire Ball and Soul Arrow before advancing with a double handed Falchion attack that left them bleeding and eventually passing to gift Crytos with the Yellow Demons Soul.

Having now leveled to 89 Crytos is looking forward to tackling The Valley of Defilement again now that he's grown and is a better warrior, equipped with the Gloom Armor he's hoping this proves a valuable asset to the falling of the two remaining demons of this world. At long last the Valley of Defilement is behind Crytos, after battling through 5-3 and killing Garl Vinland twice, Crytos has restored faith with Selen and achieved PWWT to go and get all the extra goodies from the Lizards.

Crytos spent a lot of time getting souls and leveling up both himself and weapons, having now grown to level 98 and gained best weapons by Hardstone, Sharpstone, Faintstone, Darkmoonstone and almost Cloudstone Crytos is ready for the rest of the Boletaria Palace.

The Boletaria Palace 1-3 was surprisingly easy, this is because Crytos is now a power and skilled warrior, the Imperial Spies were one hit kills for him and progressing to save Yuria was an honor for Crytos. The red eye knights were fun, after being rudely backstabbed by one Crytos unleashed fury upon them and the Fat Officials were left with nothing but a Jenny Craig meal to go on! Approaching the Penetrator and taking him down with the aid of Biorr was a good team effort too, this battle caused the world to have PWWT achieved so Crytos went to revisit all the Lizards several times to gather stones for leveling up weapons.

Crytos is currently tackling 1-4 and plans to kill the Blue Dragon and then move onto King Allant to rid the world of the Demons that infect the lands, he will soon achieve victory to be a warrior that stood the test of time!

Stay tuned for more on his exciting ordeals in Boletaria!

Current stats:
Soul level 98
Crescent Falchion+5
Lava Bow
Dark Purple Shield+3
Silver Catalyst
Gloom Armor set

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) Australia Eastern
Version EU
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