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Character(s) Jeff sl 109 thief
Game Plan restarted for plat after my ps3 was stolen, currently only have maiden astrea and the old one left for bosses on first play through. looking to farm souls at the moment so when i kill astrea i can use blueblood. my dex is 15 and i only need 3 more levels. they cost for me 72000-74000 right now. also looking to get any and all unique items i can on this first play through. i only have a few rings left to collect so those are my current priority, i need dull rats ring, ring of devout prayer, eternal warriors ring (lost the key tho) and i think one other. i generally play when i get off work which is about 1am. willing to help and appreciate all help offered. will also trade.
Language(s) english
Character History (optional)
Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Central
Version US
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