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Character(s) Female hunter (im actaully a guy but i use a female for miralda's armour at the beginning for an advantage) lvl 109, blueblood sword and other equipment
Game Plan Im on new game plus need some rings, weapons and shards to get trophies not a pvp fighter but willing to help other out if needed.
Character History (optional)

My character is decent stats all round mostly trained in dex and edurance but other stats have been increased for specific weapons and armour effectiveness and i thought it would be fun to name my character of miralda the executioner xD

I also have another character called oichi who is a wanderer lvl 88 and i am willing to help other players if they really need it ^^ so add and mention its for demon's souls and i can help out no problem happy demon slaying xD

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) GMT / UTC
Version EU
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