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Character(s) lvl 26 royalty dex build lvl 45 knight lvl 142 knight
Game Plan to help and be helped, will dupe on all accnts, lvl 45 needs help with tower of latria atm and i would like to have a group to do the entire game with. also i need some mercury stone shards and any other stone someone is willing to dupe with me on my lvl 26. update: i need need need marrow stone plz!!! lvl 45 needs dragonstone. i'll dupe
Language(s) english
Character History (optional)

have a youtube channel, our walkthroughs are on this wiki and we will soon be doing black phantom hunting when we finish all the levels. if you are interested please add me and i'll invite you to join us every so often, depending on how many ppl want to help.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Eastern
Version US
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