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Character(s) 112, pure vitality 60, ring trophy 60
Game Plan Add me on Steam, I'm usually on it. and message me if I am on.
Language(s) English, Polish
Character History (optional)

Just feel like getting a new playthrough in, I am good and I know 95% of the game (Only excluding 2-2 the only place I just don't feel like exploring) and memorize most of the items (where souls are, weapons, how to get them) in the early-middle part of the game. I know how to play so lets get this started.

Steam: DEVILwithaCROSS (OR)


Skype: Adam.Kujawinski

Skype or TeamSpeak would be a HUGE bonus

I won't play Dark Souls until the DLC or until I beat Demon's Souls/Platinum one last time.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Eastern
Version US
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